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Updated 2 December 2019


Internet Archive claims that ACAR was longest-running Amiga magazine in Australia, published from 1983 to 1996. Who am we to argue about this? To be honest, we barely remember the covers, except for the 1989 Annual Edition which had a distinctive high gloss cover and was at the news stands for a while. We note from reading through the articles about the dawn of the dial-up internet services. This was an intense period of transition from BBSs to internet services.

Phil Reichert letter to the Editor

Sample Selection from the archives

ACAR 1989 Annual

1989 Annual
(read online)

ACAR 1992 Annual

1992 Annual
(read online)

ACAR April 1989

April 1989
(read online)

ACAR May 1989

May 1989
(read online)

ACAR June 1989

June 1989
(read online)

ACAR October 1989

October 1989
(read online)

ACAR Jun 1994

September 1993
(read online)

ACAR Jun 1994

June 1994
(read online)

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