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I love things, lots of things. Computers, reading and audio in particular. We have a small but dedicated readership that just goes with the flow. My goal is to bring amateur polymaths of all walks of life a light refresher on the miscellaneous. Feel free to browse through the articles. You'll never know what you will find.

What's happening this March

I play the innovative 3D space trading game Elite in the browser. I discover the world's first portable computer in the IBM 5100. What does it take to store reel-to-reel media? I'm taking 2023 as a time to refresh my content and improve your experience. Visitor numbers remain strong and I think that it's time to add more. I examine how generative Artification Intelligence will mark the end of the Digital Dark Age. I take a second look at the reasons to build your own loudspeakers. Imagine an analog computer that can think faster than any human and creates music. We all know about the awesome music on the Commodore 64 and now you can karaoke on it as well. All is not lost when I look into Abandonware. I discover how to use the Amiga Workbench on the A500 Mini. What's up with the retro-MIDI standard that is still powering music today. Enjoy!

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Little Golden Books I am Captain Kirk

I am Captain Kirk
book review

Licensed Atari logo 500 tshirt

Atari logo
t-shirt review

Flying Saucers from Other Worlds, July 1957

Flying Saucers from
Other Worlds (1957 No. 7)

Feelin Good Tees never forget retro t-shirt

Never Forget
t-shirt review


Valve Half-Life 2 Promotional Video

Half-Life 2
Promotional Video

Astrocade Pac-Man Clone Munchie

Bally Astrocade
Pac-Man Muncher

Play BBC micro Elite in Browser

BBC Elite
play in browser

Dragon's Lair trilogy on the Nintendo Swicth

Dragon's Lair Trilogy
Nintendo Switch

Hifi and Audio

Brandish OST Soundtracks

Falcom's Brandish
Game Sountrack

Reel-to-Reel media storage

media storage

Pioneer RT-1020L

Pioneer RT-1020L
reel to reel

Killer Instinct game soundtrack

Nintendo Killer
Instincts OST


Bally Professional Arcade Product Description

Bally Arcade Machine
Product Description

Texas Instruments TI-92 retro-computer calculator

Amazing TI-92 has
officially gone retro

Windows 10 Journal

Windows 10 User
hacks & tweaks

Astrocade 1981 Game Catalog

Astrocade 1981
Game Catalog


Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64

Commodore C64 Journal Authority

Commodore C64

retrogaming journal


Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976