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I love things, lots of things. Computers, reading and audio in particular. We have a small but dedicated readership that just goes with the flow. My goal is to bring amateur polymaths of all walks of life a light refresher on the miscellaneous. Feel free to browse through the articles. You'll never know what you will find. You can also read the website privacy statement.

What's happening this April

I investigate exactly what made Microsoft Word v1.0 so successful. Grab your coloring pencils and download this wonderful anime robot coloring page. An older review that I had sitting the bag for a while, my comments on Analog Science Fiction, May/June 2022. I am refreshing many of the older articles so they are still relevant to today' readers. Did you know that you can play vintage coin-op arcade games for free in your browser? Get your retro-creative juices flowing with these free Commodore 64 font packs for MS-Windows. I sip into the overlap between Audiophile and Cafe Culture. I review the ultimate retrocomputing unicorn, the amazing Sharp X68000.


Microsoft Word v1.0

Microsoft Word v1.0
DOS Word Processor

Commodore C65 Serial 000097

Commodore C65
Serial 000097

5 things to do this Australia Day

Celebrate Australia Day
on your C64

FREE Commodore C64 & C128 8 bit fonts

Commodore C64 & C128
FREE Truetype Fonts

/r/ Random

1950s anime robot coloring page

1950s anime robot
Coloring Page

KKilonova Wonders - When Stars Collide in Light

Fiction: Star
Crossed Lovers

Kilonova Wonders: When Stars Collide in Light!

Speculative Science:

Analog Science Fiction Magazine Review - May/June 2022

Analog Science Fiction
May/June 2022

Hifi and Audio

7 reasons to build your on Hifi

7 reasons to build
your loudspeaker

MIDI Basics - A Retro Tech Deep Dive

technical journal

Audiophile Tourism: Trekking the HiFi Trails


Hi-Fi with that coffee aroma

Hi-Fi with that
coffee aroma


Internet Arcade Coin-Op Arcade Games

Playing Coin-Op
Games for FREE

Baldur's Gate 4: What Lies Beyond the Forgotten Realms

Sequel to
Baldur's Gate 3

Soundscapes of Fantasy: Amiga D&D Audio to Baldur's Gate 3

Soundscapes of
RPG Fantasy

Interactive Narrative: From Amiga's D&D to Baldur's Gate 3

Interactive RPG
Narrative Generation


Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64

Commodore C64 Journal Authority

Commodore C64

Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976