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I love things, lots of things. Computers, reading and audio in particular. We have a small but dedicated readership that just goes with the flow. My goal is to bring amateur polymaths of all walks of life a light refresher on the miscellaneous. Feel free to browse through the articles. You'll never know what you will find.

What's happening this July

What's up with the retro-MIDI standard that is still powering music today. I revisit the amazing Laserdisc game, Mad Dog McCree. Watch the legendary Jack Attack in action. Let's replay the incredible Dragon's Lair on DVD. I discuss the vintage AIWA AF5080 media center. I play the underrated scifi game, EPIC on the Amiga. Take a look at furniture plans for MCM furniture designed by Norman Cherner. I discuss the ethical dynamics of the theoretical Dyson Sphere. With a release of the A500 mini, it's worth looking at the Fred Fish disk collection, starting with Disk 451. I compare the Akai MPC DAW-less music production range. I have been waiting a long time for the just-released Commodore A500 Mini. Time to read the ever-interesting Kilobyte Magazine 2021 Annual. Speculative science fiction about the challenges of exploring our moon in New Worlds Science Fiction No. 70. It's a rare in-a-row moment when there are four compelling vintage reel-to-reel tape players, including the Pioneer 1020L. Enjoy!

Hifi and Audio

MIDI journal

MIDI music standard

AIWA AF-5080 Stereo Media Center

AF-5080 Media Center
AIWA Catalog 1976

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1977

Catalog 1977

AKAI Professional MPC Comparison Chart

comparison chart


Mad Dog McCree LaserDisc game

Mad Dog McCree
LaserDisc game

Dragon's Lair DVD game

Dragon's Lair DVD
game review

EPIC for the Amiga and PC

EPIC for the
Amiga and PC

Commodore C64 shoot'em up Retaliate game

Retaliate CE
C64 game review


PCW 1985 Episode Part 1

PCW 1985
Episode Part 1

Amiga Fred Fish Disk 451

Amiga Fred Fish
Disk 451

PCWorld 1985 Episode Part 2

PCWorld 1985
Episode Part 2

RetroGames A500 Mini

RetroGames A500
Mini journal

/r/ Random

1950's Plycraft Furniture

Norman Cherner
MCM furniture

Dyson Sphere AlienLog

Dyson Sphere

Kilobyte Magazine 2021 Annual

Kilobyte Magazine
2021 Annual

New Worlds Science Fiction Magazine #70 vol 24

New Worlds Science
No. 70   vol 24


Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64

retrogaming journal


Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976