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I love things, lots of things. Computers, reading and audio in particular. We have a small but dedicated readership that just goes with the flow. My goal is to bring amateur polymaths of all walks of life a light refresher on the miscellaneous. The original home of Miscellaneum. Feel free to browse through the articles. You'll never know what you will find.

What's happening this June

My current pick of the AIWA vintage range is the AIWA AD-1800 top loading cassette player. If you are interested in making your own C64 games in assembly then consider our listing of C64 books available to read online. Gaming has taken some interesting turns but nothing broke through the barriers quite like the Elite space trading game franchise. I hope that you are enjoying the vintage audio updates as they are coming along. My most recent update is the quality AIWA AD-6500 cassette deck. Continuing on with my vintage audio reviews, I take a look at the AIWA AX-3060 media center. Zaxxon is now a trending thing in Twitter. This has given me another inspirational moment to reflect of the wonderful Zaxxon arcade game. Keeping the vintage audio theme going, we take a retro look at the AIWA AF-5080 stereo media center. Printing our photos could save your history, in an opinion peice about living in the digital dark age. I return to my vintage HiFi roots and take a look back at the AIWA AX-7500 stereo amplifier receiver. Enjoy!

Hifi and Audio

AIWA AD-1800 Cassette Decks

AIWA AD-1800
Cassette Deck

AIWA AD-6500 Cassette Decks

AIWA AD-6500
Cassette Deck

AIWA AF-3060 Integrated Cassette Reciever Amplifier

AF-3060 Stereo
Cassette Receiver

AIWA AF-5080 Stereo Media Center

AIWA AF-5080
Music Center


Best Commodore C64 books

Best Commodore C64

Game franchise Elite

Greatest space trading
game, ever?

Saga Zaxxon arcade game

Sega Zaxxon - world's
1st isometric shooter

Commodore C65 Journal

Commodore C65
retro journal

/r/ Random

Living in the digital dark ages

Are we living in the
digital dark ages?

How to attack an
invading Dyson Sphere

1973 Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez
1973 Advertisement

Electronics World February 1970

Get the lowdown on great
4-channel surround sound

Books and Publications

Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64

Commodore C65 Journal

Commodore C65

Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga

Engineer & Inventor Magazine 1893

Engineer & Inventor
April 1893