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Retro-gaming is a term with soft definitions. In my opinion, people who are interested in retro-gaming know what they like and love reading, watching and reviewing games with roots longer than last week. There is no doubt that these games can be fun. These games are quick to get into and rely on reflexes and pattern recognition to succeed. It is amazing what developers could do with such heavy restrictions. There are many websites, forums, magazines, Facebook pages, auction sites, and archives that collate and analyse this large body of work. This sort of discussion falls into groups such as historical, heritage, and recollections. Helen Stuckey has written a wonder thesis on Remembering Australian videogames of the 1980s, what museums can learn from retro gamer communities about the curation of game history. Beyond the historical perspective, retro-games are also a source for inspiration and refreshing onto newer platforms. I have put together some pages on interesting games that keep this in mind. Some of these games are readily available on current gaming platforms and some are even recent developments by passionate programmers. They reflect what I like and find inspiration from. Please enjoy.

Retro-gaming features

EPIC for the Amiga and PC

EPIC for the
Amiga and PC

Commodore C64 shoot'em up Retaliate game

Retaliate CE
C64 game review

Commodore 64 Live Ammo games bundle

Live Ammo
C64 games bundle

Commodore C64 shooter Galencia tribute page

Most addictive shooter
on the Commodore C64?

Psygnosis Orbitus Amiga RPG Advertisement

Most Beautiful RPG
on the Amiga

Skyfox combat flight simulator advert

Best combat simulator
on Commodore C64?

Dragon's Lair trilogy on the Nintendo Switch

Dragon's Lair Trilogy
on Nintendo Switch

Astrocade Pac-Man Clone Munchie

Bally Astrocade Munchie
the Pac-Man clone

Saga Zaxxon arcade game

Sega Zaxxon - world's
1st isometric shooter


Valve Half-Life 2 Franchise

Half-Life 2
Game Franchise

Game franchise Elite

Greatest space trading
game, ever?

DVD Games

It might not be front of mind, but retro-gaming also happens on your dusty old DVD player as well. I am not sure how many DVD games have been released. One thing is for sure, the original arcade Laserdisc games have been ported to it. The games are the same but the format is different. And interesting. Lat's look into how fun these spinning silver discs can be.

Mad Dog McCree LaserDisc game

Mad Dog McCree
LaserDisc game

Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Instructions

Dragon's Lair 20th
Anniversary Edition DVD

Dragon's Lair DVD Game

Dragon's Lair DVD
game review

Retrogaming Adventure Gaming

My retrogaming log overflows with high action, graphically intense, action games. These games are quick to get into and fast paced. Often it is a matter of switching off the brain and relying on rote reflexes alone. These are the headline actions. These are the blockbuster games. Never forget that adventure games are out there. Ask a gamer what the first gaming hits were. Gamers are likely to respond with the ever awesome Space Invaders, Asteroids or Defender. Adventure was distributed on mainframe computers before Arcades became a thing.

There has always been a devoted following to adventure games. The adventure crowd may not be as dense as shoot'em ups. Adventure game players are still around. Few modern blog posts discuss the merits of the latest text-based adventure game. The adventure crowd is living in a different world. Literally.

Adventure games have a reputation for mixing fantasy worlds with brain-twisting puzzles. The gamer usually finds themself at the center of the story. The world can be medieval fantasy, Cthulhu scientific horror, or set in space. All adventurers need a quest. The adventure game immerses you in that quest.

Adventure games are a battle of wits. The gamer may be battling a rabid orc in game. In reality, the gamer is battling their wits against the programmer's cunning. Adventure game writers are a devious bunch. Puzzles and riddles are their domain. The clues to winning are there. We need to search the clues to escape the next trap.

There is an amazing feeling in conquering an adventure game. You have won. You have bettered the program. That feeling is a rush. Maybe you have forgotten that feeling. Look out for your next quest as the adventure bug may bite again.