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Eight Bit Magazine No. 3

Updated 6 October 2023

Eight Bit No. 3 retro computer magazine

In an increasing-pace of technology, there's something truly timeless about diving into the world of retro computing. Eight Bit Magazine, which originally released its third issue in 2017, has continued to stand the test of time, offering enthusiasts a nostalgic trip back to the era of 8-bit microcomputers.

This beloved magazine, now available on its revamped website, remains a treasure trove of content that explores the golden age of computing. While Eight Bit's primary focus is on the golden age of 8-bit microcomputers, it offers a well-rounded experience for retro computing aficionados. The issue offers a unique perspective with a Commodore 64 article that follows up on the programming sprites series.

I particularly enjoyed the article on adventure games fro the Apple ][. Backed with a bit of research and great photos of Scott Adams, the author will have you booting up Zork in no time. Starting with Adventureland, turn left to look over Zork and enter house to enjoy Mystery House.

It is good to go through the adverts and see what is available across the Internet. Scene World has jumped out at us and being a stand out site. Unusually, this team releases their magazine as a disc magazine for the C64. This may be of interest to anyone with a C64 or a decent emulator. Check out the Scene World here.

We can't overlook the advert for a software publisher for the Sharp MZ-80A, called SharpWorks. Now this is decication to a niche market. The complete software library consists of one game, Minesnake. I would love to give this Z80 based system a whirl. The closing article looks into The Amstrad User. This magazine looks suspicously similar in format to the Commodore and Amiga Review covered elsewhere on our site.

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