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Commodore & Amiga Plus No. 7

Updated 27 February 2023


Commodore & Amiga plus is the Polish magazine covering all 8-bit Commodore computers and the 16-bit powerhouse Amiga. Written with passion, this magazine covers the lastest software releases, interviews with the current crop of personalities and hardware hacking. Issue 7 has just been released in May 2017 and it is the best yet. There is a look back at the era of 8-bit memes, reviews of the latest mega-release, The Bear Essentials, and interviews with Thomas Heinrich, Trevor Dickinson, and Jon Hare. And the best part is that it is free to download in both Polish and English versions, complete with a C64 coverdisk.

K&A Issue 7 Printed Magazine

As you can see, I loved the magazine so much I printed a hardcopy and bound it. I love some of the article titles like, The Original 8-bit Memes. This magazine really goes back to the old days while staying modern. Just like the 1980s, the magazine pages have colour backgrounds, plenty of screen grabs and the obligatory game map. Just in case you have been stuck in front of your iPhone for too long, there is a reminder that 20 apps have been released across the Commodore platforms in the last couple of months. The passion for Commodore just never dies. I also love the retro-photography by Adam Postawczynski. I'd love to reproduce the photos but it would take away from the joy of viewing them in the magazine.

It's great to see that there are still passionate and dedicated publications like K&A plus keeping the spirit of the 8-bit Commodore computers and 16-bit Amiga alive. With its latest issue, the magazine provides readers with a blend of both nostalgia and modernity, showcasing the latest software releases and featuring interviews with personalities from the past and present. It's impressive to see how the magazine has managed to maintain a retro feel while also utilizing modern design elements, making it appealing to both old-school and contemporary readers. The fact that it is available for free download in both Polish and English versions is also a great gesture towards the global community of Commodore enthusiasts. All in all, K&A plus is a great example of how passion for a certain technology can keep it alive and well, even after decades have passed.

Read K&A Magazine Issue 7 online
download here

Note: We have been having troubles accessing the download page recently. The download button (above) give the wayback link. The original webpage can be accessed from K&A Issue 7 magazine homepage.

Magazine Highlights

Pharaoh's Revenge - review of the 1992 platform game released by CP Verlag. The disc can be downloaded at here. I thought the graphics for the game are excellent but dispite the reviews positive comments I found the gameplay a little challenging on an emulated C64 with a 8bitdo Zero joystick. The levels require excellent timing so be prepared to go through a lot of lives. The magazine gives a large double page spread of the game map. I suffer male blindness and I must say that I can't find the opening screen on the map. To my ears, the soundtrack is excellent. The soundtrack is worth a download and listen on its own.

Opening screen to the 1992 game, Pharaoh

Player getting punished in Super Silverfish.

Super Silverfish - review of the newly released shoot'em up platformer reveals the SEUCK community is still cranking out the games. Komek gave this game a luke warm rating and I can see how he came to this conclusion. The game can be downloaded here. We have been playing Super Silverfish in the office for a while and have found the gameplay quite intense. There is no warm up as the action just gets straight into it. Your helicopter is the hunter that becomes the hunted. As Komek pointed out in the K&A review, the framerate can slow markedly when it becomes particularly intense. Missiles, tanks, fighters, bonus baloons, all make for an intense screen. I just wish there was a bit more in the gameplay to keep bringing players back in.

Astromenace - This long running opensource project is now available on the AROS platform. The reviews for this game are strong and reflect other reviewers opinions on the internet, although suprisingly not on MetaCritic. Astromenace can be downloaded here. It is great to see software being developed for AROS however we didn't give it a run as our current focus in the office are C64 and Amiga games.

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