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We journey into an occasional discussion on the history of our digital age. We love retro-computing, games, computing magazines and computer TV shows. Really, anything digital can get a go here. You may also realize that we love all things Commodore computers in our pages as well.

Latest Additions

Best Commodore C64 books

Best Commodore C64

Game franchise Elite

Greatest space trading
game, ever?

Saga Zaxxon arcade game

Sega Zaxxon - world's
1st isometric shooter

Commodore C65 Journal

Commodore C65
retro journal

Amiga Inc. development Amiga machine.

Commodore Amiga pre-A1000
developer machine

Commodore Amiga Manuals and Books

Best books for the
Commodore Amiga

5 things to do this Australia Day

Celebrate Australia Day
on your C64

Commodore Amiga Unix system, Amix

Running Linux/Unix
Workstations on Amiga

Books and Publications

Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64
retro journal

Commodore C128 Journal

Commodore C128
retro journal

Commodore C65 Journal

Commodore C65
retro journal

Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga
retro journal

Windows 10 Journal

Windows 10
retro journal


Cotton:On Typo Retro Gamer

Cotton:On Typo
Retro Gamer

Texas Instruments TI-92 retro-computer calculator

Amazing TI-92 has
officially gone retro

ION iCade Atari Retrogaming

ION iCade

Internet Arcade Coin-Op Arcade Games

Arcade Coin-Op Games
on the Web

Classic Arcade Game Station, marketed as Pandora 6S

1099 arcade games
2-player station

Bally Astrocade Notebook

Bally Astrocade

1983 Apple Macintosh promotional video

1983 Apple Mac promo
that never went public

Apple Lisa Source Code

Where is the missing
Apple Lisa code?

Microsoft Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0

Sharp X68000 Multimedia Computer

Sharp X68000

Cray Supercomputer Furniture

Cray Supercomputer
Quirky Furniture

Honeywell 200 Pubilic Utility Computer

Honeywell 200
Public Utility Computer

Honeywell 312 Computer

Honeywell 312
Kitchen Computer

Pixar Image Computer

Pixar Image Computer
graphics workstation

Borg Warner System 80 Educational Computer

Borg Warners amazing
student computer

Burroughs B-280 ACT!ON computer system

Manufacturing with

Hitachi 505 analogue computer

Hitachi 505
analogue computer

GENIAC kit computer 1956 advertisement

Can you think faster
than this machine?


Bell & Howell MAILMOBILE robot

Office Robot

Replicas of great Commodore C64 and Amiga designs

Replica Commodore
C64s and Amigas

Lenovo TAB 7 Essential

Entry Level Android
Lenovo TAB 7 Essential

Conspiracy Demo Group

Conspiracy 64kb
hi-definition demos

PCW 1985 Episode Part 1

PCW 1985
Episode Part 1

PCWorld 1985 Episode Part 2

PCWorld 1985
Episode Part 2

PCW 1985 Episode Part 1

PCW 1985
Episode Part 3

A warning on skype scams

Warning on
Skype Scams


Valve Half-Life 2 Franchise

Half-Life 2
Game Franchise

Game franchise Elite

Greatest space trading
game, ever?

Babylon 5 - Fan images and screensavers

Babylon 5
Fan images & screensavers


Retro-gaming is a term with soft definitions. In my opinion, people who are interested in retro-gaming know what they like and love reading, watching and reviewing games with roots longer than last week. There is no doubt that these games can be fun. These games are quick to get into and rely on reflexes and pattern recognition to succeed. It is amazing what developers could do with such heavy restrictions. There are many websites, forums, magazines, Facebook pages, auction sites, and archives that collate and analyse this large body of work. This sort of discussion falls into groups such as historical, heritage, and recollections. Helen Stuckey has written a wonder thesis on Remembering Australian videogames of the 1980s, what museums can learn from retro gamer communities about the curation of game history. Beyond the historical perspective, retro-games are also a source for inspiration and refreshing onto newer platforms. I have put together some pages on interesting games that keep this in mind. Some of these games are readily available on current gaming platforms and some are even recent developments by passionate programmers. They reflect what I like and find inspiration from. Please enjoy.

Commodore C64 shoot'em up Retaliate game

Retaliate XD
C64 game review

The New Dimension Cruiser-X 79 Commodore C64 playable demo

Cruiser-X 79
C64 playable demo

Commodore C64 shooter Galencia tribute page

Most addictive shooter
on the Commodore C64?

Psygnosis Orbitus Amiga RPG Advertisement

Most Beautiful RPG
on the Amiga

Skyfox combat flight simulator advert

Best combat simulator
on Commodore C64?

Ocean Epic Game Advertisement

Classic retro advertising
from Ocean

Dragon's Lair trilogy on the Nintendo Switch

Dragon's Lair Trilogy
on Nintendo Switch

Mad Dog McCree LaserDisc game

Mad Dog McCree
LaserDisc game

Dragon's Lair DVD Instructions

Dragon's Lair DVD
game review

Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Instructions

Dragon's Lair 20th
Anniversary Edition DVD

Astrocade Pac-Man Clone Munchie

Bally Astrocade Munchie
the Pac-Man clone

Saga Zaxxon arcade game

Sega Zaxxon - world's
1st isometric shooter