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We journey into an occasional discussion on the history of our digital age. We love retro-computing, games, computing magazines and computer TV shows. Really, anything digital can get a go here. You may also realize that we love all things Commodore computers in our pages as well. This page has grown in popularity. The retrogamig pages have been moved to its own dedicated journal. This computing journal focuses on the hardware aspects that I am interested in.

Latest Additions

5 things to do this Australia Day

Celebrate Australia Day
on your C64

FREE Commodore C64 & C128 8 bit fonts

Commodore C64 & C128
FREE Truetype Fonts

Sharp X68000 Multimedia Computer

Sharp X68000

Amiga Fred Fish Disk 301

Amiga Fred Fish
Disk 376

Commodore C128 Royal Warrant

Commodore C128
Royal Warrant

MOS 6581 SID

MOS 6581 SID
Sound Interface Device

Scorpion Game Enginer for the Commodore Amiga

Scorpion Amiga
Game Engine

Commodore 65: Explaining the C65 and C64 operating modes

Commodore C65
operating modes

Books and Publications

Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64
retro journal

Commodore C128 Journal

Commodore C128
retro journal

Commodore C65 Journal

Commodore C65
retro journal

Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga
retro journal

RetroGames A500 Mini

RetroGames A500
Mini journal

Bally Astrocade Microcomputer system

Bally Astrocade
8-bit journal

Entex Adventure Vision

Adventure Vision
game console

the complete Fred Fish collection list

Fred Fish collection
complete list


IBM 5100 portable computer

IBM 5100
the first portable

Texas Instruments TI-92 retro-computer calculator

Amazing TI-92 has
officially gone retro

Apple Lisa Source Code

Where is the missing
Apple Lisa code?

Microsoft Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0

Windows 10 Journal

Windows 10

Amiga Fred Fish Public Domain Disks

Amiga Public Domain
Fred Fish Disks

Sharp X68000 Multimedia Computer

Sharp X68000

Cray Supercomputer Furniture

Cray Supercomputer
Quirky Furniture

Honeywell 200 Pubilic Utility Computer

Honeywell 200
Public Utility Computer

Honeywell 312 Computer

Honeywell 312
Kitchen Computer

Pixar Image Computer

Pixar Image Computer
graphics workstation

Burroughs B-280 ACT!ON computer system

Manufacturing with

Hitachi 505 analogue computer

Hitachi 505
analogue computer

GENIAC kit computer 1956 advertisement

Can you think faster
than this machine?


The Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Microsoft Basic Versions of All Time

Microsoft BASIC
Top 5 versions

Understanding Analog-Hybrid Computers

computer guide

Commodore VIC-20 Graphics Tutorial

Commodore VIC-20
gfx made easy

Bell & Howell MAILMOBILE robot

Office Robot

Replicas of great Commodore C64 and Amiga designs

Replica Commodore
C64s and Amigas

Conspiracy Demo Group

Conspiracy 64kb
hi-definition demos

PCW 1985 Episode Part 1

PCW 1985
Episode Part 1

PCWorld 1985 Episode Part 2

PCWorld 1985
Episode Part 2

PCW 1985 Episode Part 1

PCW 1985
Episode Part 3