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Computer Gamer - February 1986

Updated 11 February 2023

Computer Gamer was a monthly magazine focusing on microcomputer games on the Spectrum and the Commodore C64. 1986 was a great year for microcomputer games with a strong focus on movie tie-ins and action games. I can tell you that during the 1980s, home computers and video games were becoming increasingly popular, and many magazines were being published that covered this rapidly growing industry. This magazine is an interesting blend of gaming, gaming hints, role playing games, and game reviews. It's interesting to review this magazine to get a better understanding of what the computer gaming industry was like in the 1980s.

Computer Gamer Magazine February 1985

Magazine Contents

The contents of the magazine listed include reviews of various games, mainly for microcomputers. There are also articles about coin-ops, role-playing games, play-by-mail games, and adventure games. It also included type-in program listings for its readers to try, puzzles, and hints for playing the latest arcade games. The magazine also featured game awards and reviews of the latest expansion kits and software releases. This edition of Computer Gamer was a comprehensive resource for computer gaming enthusiasts in the 1980s.

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Gamer Magazine 1985 Reader's Poll Game of the Year Awards

The reader's year awards were an event in which the magazine's readers voted for their favorite games. This was a way for the magazine to showcase the most popular games of the year, as voted by its readers. The awards likely covered various categories such as best arcade game, best home computer game, best role-playing game, and more. This type of reader's poll was common in gaming magazines of the time, as it gave readers a voice in determining the best games and helped build a sense of community among readers who shared a passion for gaming.

Game of the Year

  1. Elite, Firebird
  2. Way of the Exploding Fist, Melbourne House
  3. Winter Games, US Gold

Best Adventure

  1. Shadowfire, Beyond
  2. The Fourth Protocol, Centure/Hutchinson
  3. Red Moon, Level 9

Best Strategy Game

  1. Archon, Ariolasoft
  2. Theatre Europe, PSS
  3. Crusade in Europe

Best Commodore C64 Games

  1. Winter Games, US Gold
  2. Elite, Firebird
  3. Way of the Exploding Fist, Melbourne House

Best Software House

  1. US Gold
  2. Melbourne House
  3. Ultimate

Best Coin-Op Machine

  1. Commando
  2. Paperboy
  3. Marble Madness

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List of Games Reviewed in this magazine

List of Books Reviewed in this magazine

List of type-in Program Listings

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Computer Gamer Magazine Issue 11
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