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Mad Dog McCree Arcade Shooting Game

Updated 24 June 2022

Mad Dog McCree is an easy game to fall in love with. Save the town, embrace the pretty girl, and send the crooks packing. Oh, Mad Dog, you saved us. This ground-breaking DVD release that allows you to play a fully interactive version of the classic laser-disc arcade shooting game. In the interactive DVD version you just use your remote control. I am amazed at how many different formats this game can be released on. Is the DVD version the one to get or is it just one for the collectors?

Mad Dog McCree Shooting Game

That lowdown dirty sidewinder Mad Dog McCree and his band of cutthroats have ridden into town, kidnapped the Mayor and his daughter and taken them to his hideout. These hombres are mean and vicious. What a town needs is a gunslinger to spray a little lead in harm's way.

Using your controller to aim and fire, you'll have to make your way through town, rescue the sheriff who has been locked in jail and then make your way to Mad Dog's hideout. But only the best shooters will meet Mad Dog McCree in the final showdown; Just be sure your Colt .44s six shooter is loaded!

The arcade game was released in 1990 by American Laser Games and is played through a number of stages. The player must use their six-shooter skill to fire on enemies before they have a chance to return fire. The twist here is that there are occasionally innocent civilians and hostages that need to be avoided. Remember to reload your pistol by the sixth shot by pointing the light gun off screen and pressing the trigger. This format works well and adds to the pressure of the game.

The game was originally released as a live-action laserdisc game at the arcades. One the arcade machine, players used a light gun to quick draw, shoot and reload the pistol. The video quality was miles ahead of the graphics capabilities of the normal arcade game. The game was very expensive to play, being $1 a credit. The fun and the humor really pulled the game off. Since its arcade release, the game has been successfully ported to most platforms. The metacritic scores for the game ports are generally low. I believe that arcade gameplay using the light gun does not generally translate well to the personal game controller format.

Discos Laser screenshots

This game is unique on many ways. I will focus on the genre. Mad Dog McCree is proud to be a Western drama. This is the only mainstream Western, apart from the modern Red Dead Redemption series, that I can think of. My question is Why? This game has the dames, the drama, the violence. Other developers should follow in its footsteps. Don your massive cowboy hat. Now is the time to relive the days of the Wild West. Just like in Back to the Future Part III.

Mad Dog McCree and the Amiga Connection

We don't know why it has taken us so long to realise that the actual Mad Doc McCree arcade game was driven by a Commodore Amiga 500. We would have never dreamed that this was the case as the video and graphics of this game are stunning. In typical Internet fashion, there is information available on the arcade game configuration. The arcade machine contains a special boot card that lets the Commodore Amiga 500 control the system components. The Big Book of Amiga Hardware has an excellent pictorial on the Mad Dog McCree internal hardware.

The Mad Dog McCree arcade system consists of a Commodore Amiga 500 motherboard as the central controlling system, a genlock card installed in the A500, a Sony Lasermax unit, the Mad Dog McCree Laserdisc, and a light gun. The Sony Lasermax unit is particularly interesting. These units probably ran their images in NTSC mode and were controlled through the RS232C port on the back. Non of this equipment, apart from the light gun would have been visible to the arcade game player.

Mad Dog McCree Game Walkthrough

We have searched the Internet and we believe that this is the best video walkthrough available. The game starts with you riding into town. A crazy old man is standing there, sniffs and says, "It's in the air. Mad Dog McCree and his band of cut throats rode into town." The acting is suitable cheesy but it is the theme is pulled off by the excellent use of real actors, costumes and incredible sets.

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Five reasons why I like Mad Dog McCree

Mad Dog McCree DVD Sleeve

Mad Dog McCree Shooting Game DVD instructions cover Mad Dog McCree Shooting Game DVD instructions back

Features include:

Mad Dog McCree for Sale

Mad Dog McCree units come up for sale occasionally on the secondary market. The arcade machines were originally released in 1990 and used advanced videodisc capabilities. The equipment to support these machines is very rare and it may be difficult to maintain a fully functional version operating in a live arcade on a continuous basis.

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