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EPIC for the Amiga and PC

Updated 27 May 2022

This advert from 1993 really captures the spirit of the 16-bit gaming era. Billons of people are counting on you to destroy enemy warships. Solid work from OCEAN. Could there be an element of Elite in this? We look back at EPIC game for the 16-bit Amiga in a video of the gameplay so you can judge the quality for yourself.

OCEAN Epic game for the Amiga

EPIC scifi game from OCEAN

Can you fall in love with a game that was advertised many decades ago? I am about to find out. Let me introduce you to the space flighting called Epic. Ocean released Epic in 1992. This is a major multi-platform game with a significant advertising budget for the IBM PC and Amiga. Epic was eventually released for the Atari ST and PC98 as well.

My first brush with Epic was finding a full-page advertisement in PC Entertainment magazine. The advertisement shows an alien world, beautiful spaceships, ugly aliens and you as the space pilot ready for action. OK. This pips my interest. Can this be the next multi-galaxy Elite game but easier to play? The Epic advertisement has two small screenshots in the bottom left corner. The screenshots for Epic look enticing.

EPIC game advertisement

OCEAN Epic space game for the Amiga

Billions of people are counting on you to destroy enemy warships and minefields, and to clear the way through evil enemy territory to a new solar system. But beware! Fuel and ammunition are limited. Your ruthless opponents out gun you four to one. Time is running out. And look out for that Zoom chewing gum.

I found this game difficult to locate online. There is plenty of information on the IBM PC version. Indeed, I discovered the game in an IBM PC games magazine. Further searches brought up very little for the Commodore Amiga. Moby Games has a small write-up with some humorous trivia in it. Good'ol Wikipedia has taken the dry encyclopedia view of the game. There is a severe lack of writing about this game. Other website sources were simply data collection tables about the game. Come on Google—Stop prioritising data aggregation over genuine humans.

Epic (Amiga) Gameplay

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