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How to attack a Dyson Sphere (戴森球) ... and Win

Published 27 January 2019


Dyson Spheres are structures, or more correctly described as a megastructure, that completely encloses a star to harness all of its energy. Our Dyson Sphere AlienLog™ follows developments in our knowledge of this theoretical possibility. We believe that if an alien race has the capability to build a Dyson Sphere then they will be looking for conquest and resource extraction. Now is the time to find ways to push back this alien force and make humanity safe.

Invading Dyson Sphere under attack by hume spaceships

Introduction to Dyson Spheres

Dyson Spheres are alien made megastructures. We look at current developments in our Dyson Sphere AlienLog™. The scientific community discovered the possibility of these space structures as far back as the 1930's. In the utopian scientific mind, a Dyson Sphere is a friendly vehicle that travels from galaxy to galaxy greeting new worlds and sharing their knowledge with alien races. Wrong! 

It is inconceivable that an alien races that is wealthy and powerful enough to build this fantastical structure are building spheres for altruistic purposes. The real motivation is the universal truth; Power and greed. Once a dominant species has taken authoritarian control of its neighbourhood and resources, they will seek to secure their control and then expand their boundaries.

Let us hope for our sakes, that this alien race only has the capability to physically build and operate one Dyson Sphere. The resource control can grow exponentially, more greed and more control. This will invariably lead to the leader proudly announcing another innovation, a fleet of Dyson Spheres.

Humanity needs to prepare now; Even before we have discovered that one actually exists. Although a Dyson Sphere has not been positively identified, there are efforts to search for possible sightings. Kickstarter recently had a fully funded project to investigate a potential Dyson Sphere, cheekily called Tobby's Star. Think of the planet hunters. It took decades for them to find one planet out of our solar system. Now, scientists are discovering hundreds of planets a day. It may be too late when we finally find one. If it is in range to see a Dyson Sphere, and obvious enough for the flat-earthers to stop denying their existence, then it may be too late.

And that my friends begs the question... When a power-hungry alien species comes knocking on our doorstep and looks to take everything that we hold dear, what should we do? We need to plan, build capability and fight back. There is no way that humanity should stand and accept defeat to near-god like alien races. At worst, we should look to give a good sting and make it think twice before enveloping our race.

Ways to attack a Dyson Sphere

Before we jump the proverbial stellar-gun we need to identify all the possible different ways to attack a Dyson Sphere. Not all will be good options but practical options needs to be considered. Classical military doctrine give guidance on typically ways a response to an invasion by a belligerent Dyson Sphere.

Lessons learnt from Science Fiction

Humanity has never actually interacted with a Dyson Sphere, at least not on public record. Sometimes we have to pivot to science fiction to look to the future. And the future looks like dystopia. We have taken it upon ourselves to undertake the impossible and review the available science fiction for novel ways to overthrow an attacking Dyson Sphere. Our conclusion is that the Dyson Sphere is just too incredible. Here is our very short list.

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