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Commodore C65 Serial No 0000060

Updated 3 January 2024

Commodore C65 eBay Listing 332618894601


The Commodore 65 indeed holds a mythical status in the world of 8-bit retrocomputing. Its sky-high prices are a testament to its rarity and the fervor of collectors and enthusiasts. Given that the C65 was never commercially released, each unit available in the market is a piece of developmental history, varying in versions and configurations. It's fascinating that many of these units aren't even functional, yet their value remains undiminished, likely driven by museums and collectors passionate about preserving this unique chapter of computing history. Your interest in tracking the market for these rare machines is quite understandable – each Commodore C65 is not just a computer, but a fragment of the untold story of a machine that almost was.

Another German Commodore C65 came up for sale on eBay.de in 2018. The seller claims that it is working on a black and white monitor. We will keep an eye on this auction to see if a bid is made on the strong asking price.

Listing Description

Ebay Listing 332618894601 (wayback)

Described as a Commodore C65 for sale in the listing as:

Serial number #000060, ROM V0.9.910111 As far as I [the seller] could test the device, everything works correctly - unfortunately I [the seller] do not have a screen that can display the RGB color image, therefore the screen on the photos is only in black and white. This is normal. The C65 is basically in good condition. However, there are a few traces of repeated opening (apparently work was done on the device ) - the plastic snap locks are cracked and no longer stay closed properly. The power LED has slipped a little (but this should be easily fixable). On the back and underside there are a few very weak brown spots. As with many exemplars the plastic flap on the underside is missing (it has always been missing).

There has been a bit of banter on Twitter (wayback) regarding this listing. There is definitely a mystique about these prototype machines and the stuff of legends. Can the Mega65 project ever get of the ground and bring the original Commodore C65 prices down to street level again? Our team for one will not be holding our breath on the direction of future prices.

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