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Commodore C65 Serial No 000097

Published 01 February 2019


There are not many of the legendary Commodore C65s in existance any more. Rumour has it that there were as little as 200 development mules produced and sold at the time of bankruptcy. I has been a while since a Commodore C65 has been available on the open market. Serial No 000097 transferred ownership in 2017. This may be one of the last Commodore C65s sold. We look at the eBay listing of the Commodore C65 serial no 000097.

Introduction to the Commodore C65 Serial 000097

The Commodore C65 was under development before Commodore entered bankruptcy. This machine was going to be a high-powered, very low-priced microcomputer for first time buyers. We go into more detail about the strengths of this wonderful microcomputer in our Commodore C65 journal.

Commodore C65 000097 eBay Auction Listing

Ebay Listing 232557339756 (wayback)

Commodore C65 eBay Listing 232557339756

Described as a Commodore C65 for sale in the listing as:

The device is in very good condition and was only used for a short time, or tried, no yellowing, no housing cracks, board is in top condition. The original C65 power supply is new. Computer and power supply have been kept warm and dry in the cupboard over the years. The ROM version 910523 is installed on the C65 board. It is an EPROM in this case. The EPROM has no labeled sticker. The version numbers of the chipset can be found in the photos. The board is called C64 DX REV 2B. The device is functional*.

Watch the Commodore C65 in action:

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Commodore C65 Claimed Sale Price

We say claimed in the sale price. It is not because we dispute the vailidty of the transaction. Bidding for this auction was serious with over 30 bids recorded for this auction. It is because we were unable to verify the sale. At a transaction price of €24,000+, this auction item was for the serious collector or as a museum piece.

Commodore C65 Final Sale Price Reference: eBay Listing (alternate)

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