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Reasons for Building your own Loudspeaker

Updated 17 August 2019


Back in the classic era of Hi-Fi, it was well known that mass manufactured loudspeakers were both of lessor quality and wouldn't fit your decor. The cost can be prohibitive too. Electro-Voice had it right in 1970 when they said that you can build your own loudspeaker better than the big boys. And they put it in writing. Look at those drawings and gain inspiration from the exposed brick feature walls and custom cabinetry.

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Nowadays, Hi-Fi is a matter of going down to the local big box retailer and seeing what is on sale. Grabbing the biggest red-ticket reduction so to speak. The easiest way to buy high fidelity loudspeakers may not always be the best. True audiophiles see it differently. This advertisement from Electro-Voice guides prospective buyers down the path of custom built cabinetry. This is the lost art of vintage audio. You can build your own DIY loudspeaker the Electro-Voice way.

Building your vintage Hi-Fi system shouldn't be difficult and with a bit of elbow grease you can save a bit of dosh. This classic Electro-Voice advertisement shows a selection of quality horn tweeters, mid-range cones, a displacement woofer, and a configurable crossover panel. Using the manufacturer's cabinet volume recommendations, you too can build a custom vintage Hi-Fi to suit your installation. In reality it isn't that hard.

7 arguments to build your own loudspeaker

Electro-Voice, 7 reasons for building your own loadspeaker

Note: This image is a reproduction of a vintage advertisement, originally published circa 1970. The brand(s) and advertisement is not specifically endorsed on webpage by their respective owner(s). This reproduction is shown for historical preservation purposes. All brands and trademarks are owned by their respctive owner(s).

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