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AKAI SW-125 Loudspeaker

Published 9 January 2019

This is AudioPhil™ and we showcase the 1970s AKAI SW-125 bookshelf loudspeaker. We look at its form and performance to give our reader a look back at audio equipment from the 1970s from the golden era of stereo.


Here at AudioPhil™ we love to look back at the golden years of stereo and try and unlock what made this period so special. Bookshelf loudspeakers were particularly popular in the 1970s as they could be placed in shelving next to the books and the liquor cabinet. This was also the time of the Japanese electronics invasion. Modern equipment was marketed as Solid State and there was not a valve in sight. As a result, power figures for amplifiers were rising and all new music was in stereo.

It is at this point where we introduce the akai brand and the broadening range of bookshelf loudspeakers. Hifi shops were all the rage back in the 1970s. You could save your money during the week, walk into the local Hifi shop, and walk out with your AKAI SW-125 bookshelf loudspeakers under your arms.

Our AudioPhil™ team will review the AKAI SW-125 and discuss all of its distinguishing features with you.

AKAI SW-125 Specification

Model: AKAI SW-125
Country: Japan
Year: 1970s
Style: Stereo Bookshelf
Configuration: 3-way
Power Handling: 30 watts
Features: ported bass closed mid-range horn tweeter

  AKAI Bookshelf Loudspeaker Showcase

AKAI SW-125 Bookshelf Loudspeaker
AKAI SW-125 Bookshelf Loudspeaker
AKAI SW-125 3-way ported bookshelf design
3-Way ported design
AKAI SW-125 Tweeter, Mid-range, Woofer configuration
Tweeter, Mid-range, Woofer configuration
AKAI SW-125 Early 1980's Bookshelf loudspeaker design
Early 1980's Bookshelf loudspeaker design
AKAI SW-125 rear bookshelf profile
Rear panel showing a non-standard Neutrik™ style connector
AKAI SW-125 rear control panel
AKAI HT-25 8Ω horn style tweeter (rear | front)
AKAI 12M-25A 8Ω mid-range woofer
AKAI 25E-25A 8Ω bass woofer

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