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Hifi and Audio Notebook

While computers are for the masses, could it be that hi-fi is for the classes. The price tag for decent audio is definitely eye-watering and well beyond the budget of someone who just likes to listen to streaming tunes on your favorite digital channel. We take a look at audio for the rest of us.

Recent Articles of Note

Yamaha QY10 MIDI Sequencer

Yamaha QY10
music sequencer

List of commercial Atari ST software

Atari ST
music software

AIWA DM-503 dynamic Microphone

dynamic microphone

Sony MHC-V90DW MUTEKI Karaoke Party Speaker

Look at Sony's
tower of Karaoke

AIWA CM-1016 Microphone

AIWA CM-1016
condenser microphone

AIWA AD-1600 Cassette Decks

AIWA AD-1600
Cassette Deck

AIWA CM-2000 Stereo Microphone

AIWA CM-2000
stereo microphone

AIWA AD-1300 Cassette Decks

AIWA AD-1300
Cassette Deck


Best Acid Jazz Podcasts for 2020

Best Acid Jazz
podcasts for 2020

Best Acid Jazz Podcasts

Top 5 Acid Jazz
podcasts for 2019

7 reasons to build your on Hifi

7 reasons to build
your loudspeaker

RPG-7213 TV Favourites and other Children's Songs vinyl record

TV Favourites
1975 vinyl record

WG-DB-1470 Lolita vinyl record

Lolita and other film hits
1962 vinyl record

Natural Life Essence Plants and Trees Soundscape

Plants and Trees
meditative soundscape

3D Nature Soundscapes

Amazingly relaxing
nature soundscapes

High Voltage SID Collection

Most amazing C64
music collection

Atari Star Wars Coin-op

Atari Star Wars
Audio Capability

DataDoor Presents 7 inch split

Split Vinyl

Natural Life Essence Imaginary Motion Soundscape

Imaginary Motion
atmospheric soundscape

Themes International Music Library

Themes International
Music Library

Stelvio Cipriani Music Dedication Page

Stelvio Cipriani Music
dedication page

Brandish 1 and Brandish 2 OST Soundtracks

Falcom's Brandish
Game Sountrack

Falcom's Brandish 2 Original Soundtrack

Brandish 2
Original Soundtrack

NES Castlevania Soundtracks

NES Castlevania
8-bit Soundtracks

Killer Instinct game soundtrack

Nintendo Killer
Instincts OST

Music eZine February 2016

Music eZine
February 2016

Can you Karaoke on the Commodore C64?

Karaoke on the
Commodore C64?

Hi-Fi Equipment

Yamaha PSR-530 Arranger Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-530
Arranger Keyboard

SABA EA 6010 3-way loudspeaker

SABA EA 6010
3-way loudspeakers

Pro-Ject Phono DS Box

Pro-Ject Phono DS
user experience

AudioPhil review of the AKAI SW-125 bookshelf loudspeaker

loudspeaker review

1970 Blaupunkt Colorado television and music onsole

Blaupunkt Colorado
TV & music console

1970 Blaupunkt Arizona Stereo Console

Blaupunkt Arizona
Stereo Receiver

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1977

Catalog 1977

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976

Lepai LP-168HA 2.1 amplifier review

Lepai LP-168HA
Hacker's Review

DAK Emerson Boombox

Emerson CTR 965

Hi-Fi with that coffee aroma

Hi-Fi with that
coffee aroma

Sony MHC-V90DW MUTEKI Karaoke Party Speaker

Look at Sony's
tower of Karaoke

Sony SS-H311 2-way loudspeaker

Sony SS-H311

Sony 4 inch woofer

Sony 4 inch

EICO HFS2 Omnidirectional Loudspeaker