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Fred Fish disk 251

This is disk 251 of the freely distributable AMIGA software library. Below is a listing of the significant directories and their contents.

Commodore Amiga Fred Fish Disk 251 contents
Photo by Airam Dato-on on Pexels

Commodore Amiga Public Domain Software


A symbolic debugger for the Amiga. Features include symbolic disassembly, simple expression parsing, multiple breakpoints, memory fill, memory dump, single step in trace mode, skip over subroutines, etc. Version 2.10, binary only.

Author: Jim Thibodeau and Larry LaPlume


A disk recovery program for all Amiga file system devices that use either the Amiga Standard File System or the Amiga Fast File System. Disksalv creates a new filesystem structure on another device, with as much data salvaged from the original device as possible. This is version 1.42, an update to the version released on disk 212. Binary only.

Author: Dave Haynie


A disk speed testing program specifically designed to give the most accurate results of the true disk performance of the disk under test. Automatically updates and maintains an ASCII database of disk results for tested disks. This is version 1.0, includes source in C.

Author: Michael Sinz


Some miscellaneous small programs from the Linstrom family. Includes some basic games, some programs based on algorithms from the Computer Recreations column in Scientific American (demon, turmites, mountain), and a fish tank simulator. Includes source.

Author: Lloyd Linstrom and family

Monopoly Clone

A simulation of the Parker Brother's board game MONOPOLY. Binary only. Source code has been released on Fred Fish disk 591.

Author: Ed Musgrove


A trip planner that takes a list of cities and a list of known routes between cities, and generates the distance and time required to reach your destination. Version 1.0, includes source.

Author: Jim Butterfield

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