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Commodore C65 Serial No Unknown (Sweeden)

Published 20 May 2019


This Commodore C65 prototype popped up for sale in Sweeden in 2019. The seller claims that he bought the Commodore C65 from a developer in Sweeden. The machine's condition is described as in very good condition.

Ebay Listing 223509001295 (alternate source)

Commodore C65 eBay Listing 223509001295

Described as a Commodore C65 for sale in the listing as:

This unit is in perfect shape (no scratches or yellowing of plastic) and is fully functional, including audio out, disk drive, etc. You can see computer and the motherboard and the chips in the linked youtube clip.

Watch this Commodore C65 in action:

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It is interesting to watch the use play sounds using simple commands in BASIC. And it is also interesting to watch the user go from the C65 standard operating mode to the Commodore C64 v2 BASIC compatability mode and then the multi-colour boot mode.

eBay Auction Results

The bidding looks to follow the usual auction bidding format. There were some starting bids on the few fays, and then intense sniping at in the closing moments of the auction. A total of 8 bidders means that there were a few bidders for this item. The starting price of €15,000 seemed to have been a reasonable close estimate to the final sale price.

Commodore C65 eBay Listing 223509001295 auction bidding history

Source: eBay Auction listing

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