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AIWA CM-2000 Stereo Electret Microphone

Updated 7 August 2021

The AIWA CM-2000 was this manufacturer's top-of-the-line microphone. Boasting modern features such as full-range stereo response using electret condenser technology. The models that I have seen advertised were all in silver, however, the desktop base appears to be an optional variant. I have recently seen eBay advertisements up in the $1000+ range, however, this seriously overstates the capability and performance of this quality microphone. I would consider this an ideal microphone for the collector looking to complete a late 1970s era showcase.

AIWA CM-2000 microphone catalog photo

AIWA CM-2000 Performance Specification

Recommended Usage

AIWA CM-2000 Description

I have been on the look out for a fully packaged AIWA CM-2000 stereo microphone for use in my Zoom conference calls. The current craze for retro microphones is making is difficult for vintage hifi enthusiasts to get our hands on one.

The advertising photo shows the AIWA CM-2000 microphone on a desktop stand. This is an ideal image to inspire content creators into action. This set up is less than ideal as any bump or noise at the desks resonant frequency will make its way into your quality audio recordings. I am still interested in finding a complete boxed package with this set up.

The AIWA CM-2000 is no ordinary desktop microphone. The CM-2000 is a stereo receiver configuration which captures live audio through two channels. It is difficult to see in the cross-section image but there are actually two microphone units. Microphones do not pick up sonic frequencies from all directions in an equal amount. Microphone pickups are considered directional. Each microphone pickup is mechanically installed in a offset direction. It is this different angle and the directional properties of the microphone pickup that give this unit the ability to capture stereo audio within in the one unit. The will need to make sure that the cassette unit has the ability to capture and record stereo microphone signals.

AIWA CM-2000 microphone cross-section cut out
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