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Komoda & Amiga plus—Issue 04, 2016

Updated 11 March 2023

Komoda & Amiga plus is a magazine dedicated to retro gaming culture. K&A articles are usually focused around releases published on the Commodore home computers (Plus/4, VIC20, C16, C64, C128 and M65k, AOS 4.x, Aros, MOS). They are trying to refresh the amazing atmosphere of the 80/90s when the world was ruled by pixels and chip-music. Complete with news, game reviews, editorials, interviews and tutorials. That 8- and 16-bit world is still alive.

This is great magazine for anyone who is interested in retro gaming and the culture surrounding it. The focus on the Commodore home computers is particularly interesting, as these systems played a significant role in the development of the gaming industry during the 80s and 90s. Komoda & Amiga plus sounds like an excellent resource for anyone who is passionate about retro gaming culture and the Commodore home computers in particular.

This great magazine brings back the feel of Commodore in its prime. Issue 4 has arrived in my inbox and it is a great read. Who could have known that so many years after the final computer rolled off Commodore's production lines there would still be so many games released. There is even a coverdisk to go with the mag.

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download issue 4 for free

Table of Contents

K&A Issue 4 Table of Contents


What is Retrogaming nostalgia?

The editorial is a solid write about just what makes retro tick. The balanced approach to reviewing the retro cult is quite refreshing and resonates with my feelings.

I don't mind stating that I am looking back at the older days to rediscover the enjoyment of computing. It is interesting to read magazines with both my childhood eyes and 2020 hindsight. There are so many things that are available now that not even known to me when I switched on my C64. There are decades of magazines, books, cover disks, pictures and videos that delve into all facets of microcomputing.

I don't see retro as a last desperate grab for the better days. I see it through the lens of Modern History. There is no harm is learning recent history. And who knows? It may make me a more knowledgeable computer user in the future.

I completely agree with the sentiments expressed in this editorial. It is true that many people are drawn to retro gaming and computing as a way of recapturing the magic of their youth. However, it is important to recognize that this nostalgia is not simply a longing for the past, but also an appreciation for the unique qualities and innovations of the era.

Retro gaming and computing have their own distinct appeal, with their simple graphics and sound effects, and the challenge of working with limited resources. Additionally, exploring the history of computing through the lens of retro gaming can be a valuable educational experience, providing insights into the development of technology and the evolution of computing culture.

Moreover, the wealth of resources available now, such as magazines, books, and videos, provides an opportunity to revisit and rediscover the joys of computing from a more informed perspective. Rather than being a mere nostalgia trip, the retro gaming and computing culture can be seen as a celebration of a bygone era, one that is still relevant and inspiring to this day.

I believe that retro gaming and computing should not be dismissed as mere nostalgia, but rather should be appreciated for the unique experiences they offer, and the rich history they represent.

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