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Fred Fish disk 71

Fred Fish disk 71 is a public domain disk for the Commodore Amiga. This disk contains 13 releases. This is a large distribution. Many people search out the Fred Fish Disk 71 for the NewFont font collection. There are also other interesting releases available for the scientific programmers.

Commodore Amiga Fred Fish Disk 591
Photo by Benjamin Kraus on Unsplash

Commodore Amiga - Fred Fish Disk 71


Airfoil generator utilizing the Joukowski transformation. Generates airfoil models as well as their corresponding streamline and pressure distributions. This is a very technical Commodore Amiga application. Includes source.

🔬 Scientific
👱 Russell Leighton


Some miscellaneous Commodore AmigaBASIC programs, including a 3D plot program, a caleidoscope, a C-A logo drawing program, a file comparison utility, a string search program, etc. Includes source.

💻 Utilities
🔗 BASIC programming
🎫 Source Code
👱 Peter Kittel


Commodore Amiga game. A variation of lines, but with variable color blocks. Binary only.

🎮 Games
👱 Gary Walker


Another nice terminal program for the Commodore Amiga. Version 1.34, binary only.

💻 Utilities
👱 DJ James


A handy utility for poking around in the guts of an Commodores AmigaDOS file system. Binary only, but source available from author.

💻 Utilities
👱 Steve Tibbett


Fpic is an image processing program, designed specifically to be used in conjunction with digitized (Digi-View) lo-res black & white IFF picture files for the Commodore Amiga. Provides several filters, including average, binary (threshold), clipblit, cross, Sobel, Roberts, pixelize, sharpen, and a user defined matrix. Also supports merging of two images, histogram, image compare, and remapping. Binary only.

💻 Utilities
👱 Bob Bush


Iconmaker builds icons for files that were created without them. Works on the Commodore Amiga. Version 1.2a, binary only.

💻 Utilities
👱 Eric Levy


Various new Icons from several sources. Works on the Commodore Amiga.

💻 Utilities
👱 Various


Two new fonts; shalt18, an electronic ciruit element font, and ibm5, a PC like font, different from that for Sidecar. These fonts work on the Commodore Amiga.

💻 Utilities
👱 Peter Kittel


A Commodore AmigaBASIC program that allows editing in CLI command lines (similar to the PET and MYCLI). Includes source.

💻 Utilities
👱 Peter Kittel


Demo version 1.2 of the commercial product PowerWindows, for the Commodore Amiga. PowerWindows aids in creation of custom windows, menus, and gadgets. It will write C or assembly source implementing these, for linking with your programs. Binary only.

💻 Utilities
👱 Inovatronics Inc.


Program which generates and displays 3D objects on the Commodore Amiga. Consists of two pieces, an object editor and an action editor. The object editor creates 3D objects and the action editor defines up to 24 3D views of an object (which can be quickly cycled to get an animation effect). Version 0.5, binary only.

💼 Productivity
👱 C. French


Handy little utility for the Commodore Amiga to set the system time from the workbench environment, without resorting to preferences. Binary only.

💻 Utilities
👱 Unknown (DEH?)

download disk here

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