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Fred Fish disk 250

This is Fred Fish disk 250. This is a mixed bag for the mathematically curious. This disk has another calculator to collect, an updated mathematical simplex-algorithm modelling program to solve linear equations, a gravity well simulator, and a cute little board game to play. The pick of the programs here are is the gravity well simulator and the board game, Paranoids. Both programs run in a graphical interface.

Commodore Amiga Fred Fish Disk 250 contents
Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Commodore Amiga Public Domain Software


Amiga Fred Fish 250 ASimplex screenshot

An implementation of the Simplex algorithm for solving linear programs. It uses the standardized MPSX-format for input data files. This is version 1.5, an update to version 1.2 on disk 199. Changes include bug fixes, the ability to run from CLI, it's own window for I/O, and some new and improved commands. Includes source.

Author: Stefan Forster

Gravity Well simulator

Amiga Fred Fish 250 Gravity Well screenshot

Gravity Well simulates the motion of up to twenty bodies in Newton's universe. Distance, time and mass are in canonical units (UGC=1). The position, velocity and mass of each body may be entered with the mouse or by typing the numbers into the boxes in the data window and clicking the enter button. The view of the simulation may be scaled, rotated in three dimensions or repositioned using the buttons in the view control window. When two bodies collide, one absorbs the other in a way that mass and momentum are conserved.

Author: Gary Teachout

Paranoids board game

Amiga Fred Fish 250 Paranoids screenshot

The PARANOIDS, the Asylum Escape Game. Paranoids is a traditional board game played by drawings cards, rolling dice and moving pieces around the board. Each player has siz pieces, four patients, and two doctorws. The object of the game is to get all of your patients out of the asylum. Your doctors are for protecting your patients and making trouble for your opponents pieces. The aggressive strategies that work for many other board games don't work as well as cautious strategies. This is version 1.0, binary only.

Author: Richard Anderson, Gary Teachout

RPSC scientific calculator

Amiga Fred Fish 250 reverse-Polish scientific calculator screenshot

A reverse polish scientific calculator. RPSC is a programmable RPN calculator in the Hewlett-Packard tradition. It supports operations with real numbers, complex numbers, matrices, and 3-D vectors, as well as storage and recall of labeled variables. Data and programs may be saved, loaded, or written as ASCII text, to AmigaDOS files. This is version 1.1, binary only.

Author: Gary Teachout

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