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AKAI GX-630DB Dolby tape deck

Updated 5 April 2022

The AKAI GX-630DB reel to reel tape recorder is a three head, three motor, reel to reel tape deck. The AKAI GX-630DB has stereo recording and playback capability. The controls feature feather-touch full direct function change control. The different betweek the GX-630D and this GX-630DB is the inclusion of the advanced Dolby noise reduction system. The AKAI GX-630D plays 10½" reel tapes. AKAI claims that this tape recorder has a S/N ratio better than 57bB.

AKAI GX-630DB reel to reel tape recorder

AKAI GX-630DB Manufacturer's Description

Hi-Fi Performance

Stereo record and playback. GX Head, AC Servo Motor, Direct Capstan Drive System Wow and Flutter reduced to 0.06%, Distortion less than 0.5%, S/N Ratio better than 57 dB. The Akai GX-630DB includes a Dolby noise reduction circuit.

Recording and Playback heads

As is well known, the core of Akai's GX Head is made of crystal ferrite and is mounted and set in glass. The superior magnetic properties of the head material and special processing allowed the formation of a perfectly lineal shallow head gap, an acute head surface angle contour, and focusing of the magnetic field into a sharp oblong radius. This focused field system eliminates undue equalization, minimizes high frequency loss, and achieves a wider dynamic range. Further, sound drop-out is eliminated, head-to-tape contact and signaLto-noise ratio improved, and the hardness of the head materials provide dust free and wear free characteristics for longer lasting performance. The GX-630D exhibits a clear frequency response range to 25,000 Hz with Akai LN-15G-7 Tape.

Three motor drive system

This model employs a 3 motor drive system with a new CFG (center pole generated) AC Servo Motor for direct capstan drive. The quality of this outstanding motor plus the elimination of rubber belts and flywheels results in the realization of a 0.06% Wow and Flutter factor. Two eddy current outer rotor motors complete the drive system for completely stable performance and excellent tone quality. Impedance Roller and Tension Levers also add to tape travel stability.

10-1/2" Reel capacity

A Reel Size Selector and standard accessory 10½" reel hub adapters facilitate the use of 5, 7, or 10½" reels. Further, this model features "quick tension" wherein ideal take-up and back tension is applied to the reels at the beginning of tape start for smooth operation regardless of reel size.

Feather-touch controls

Feather-touch Full Direct Function Change Control for speedy mode change. This feature includes direct function change to recording mode for easy add-on recording.   Quick pause control - When Pause Mode is effected, the tape remains in contact with the heads and the pinch roller separates from the capstan only slightly so that when the Pause Lever is released, re-start is fast and smooth. Pause Control is especially convenient for editing tape.   Automatic stop - The automatic stop/tension arm drops at the end of the tape, activating an automatic stop mechanism which completely stops reel movement for operating safety.

Inputs and Outputs

Microphone and line mixing - A built-in mic-line mixing circuit and independent Microphone and Line Input Level Controls facilitate easy sound mixing from separate sources.   Dual monitoring - A Tape/Source Monitor Switch enables comparison of source signals with the recording being made for more professional recording results. Output level control can be adjusted to correspond with amplifier input enabling connection with any amplifier.   Remote control - A jack for remote control of all operating functions as well as absentee recording with optional accessory Remote Control Unit RC-17, a Tape Selector Switch for use of Low Noise or Wide Range Tape, and a convenient lift-up type head cover for easy head block accessibility.

Dolby Noise Reduction circuit

The Akai GX-630DB includes a Dolby Noise Reduction circuit that works to proportionately adjust the signal frequency and signal level by raising low level signals prior to recording and lowering them by the same amount at playback time. Akai claims that this process eliminates extraneous noise, thus eliminating tape hiss.

Standard GX-630DB accessories


Did you know that AKAI warns users that To prevent fire or choke hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. All warnings should be taken seriously. However, I do wonder what sort of scenario AKAI had in mind when writing this warning message. It is the only warning message that is on the first page of the AKAI GX-630DB Operator' Manual.

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