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Bubble Bobble Arcade T-Shirt review

Updated 30 October 2021

Bubble Bobble is the legendary coin-op smash hit from 1986. It features two brothers, Bubby and Bobby, in their quest to save their girlfriends. It is 100 levels of certified platform gaming magic. And now it's available on a printed t-shirt for you to wear. I have ordered one for myself to see how it looks. This page is my review of the Bubble Bobble themed t-shirt.

Vintage Bubble Bobble t shirt design

Bubble Bobble Arcade T-shirt review

I love playing Bubble Bobble. It is a simple platform arcade game which requires your joystick and your wits. The game involves two dinosaurs who are brothers on a quest to save their girlfriends. There are 100 levels in the game, or so the Internet tells me. I have never reached past level 28. The journey up until this point has been a bubble-bursting blast of fun. A good port of this game can be played on the Commodore 64.

I was playing Bubble Bobble on my retro arcade machine the other day and having a good time. It made me think that I should get a retro arcade t-shirt in the Bubble Bobble theme. The thought of walking about with another retro arcade t-shirt had me excited. You should be able to tell that I love novelty t-shirts. The other t-shirts that I wear are also gaming t-shirts. My Dual Fighter t-shirt has almost worn through.

I did the usual thing and started searching the Internet for t-shirts. The first thing to note is that Bing focuses on shopping. A quick image search showed that there is not much choice in the market place. Once I found a pattern that I liked, it jumped onto eBay. Yes, these locations are not prime real estate anymore. I chose this path because I knew that it will work. And behold, I found a Bubble Bobble themed t-shirt that looked great and printed on a quality t-shirt. The Bubble Bobble theme print is on a Gildan t-shirt. I am aware of this brand and its sizing. This made me comfortable enough to buy the t-shirt from a vendor that I had used before with no issue. I added this beauty to the cart and hit buy.

Bubble Bobble themed T-Shirt

Model: Bubble Bobble Japanese Gamer T-Shirt
Company: eBay seller
Description: Bubble Bobble theme print
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Material 100% Cotton
Size: XL
Purchased: 2021

Bubble Bobble t-shirt photos

Bubble bobble t shirt monster detail Bubble bobble t shirt wide photo Bubble bobble t shirt Japanese

Article tags: retro-gaming retro-fashion

Bubble Bobble t-shirt long term wear

Team, the results are in. In one word, disappointment. It only took three washes for this t-shirt to shrink to an unwearable size. The shoulders shrink a little bit. The length shortened significantly. Showing one's muffin-top is no longer fashionable. It tears my heart out to throw away clothing that hasn't received its fair share of usage. The Bubble Bobble print is fun and retro. It is statement piece. My heart has popped like a monster squashing a bubble bobble. #heartbreak 💔

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