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Commodore Amiga development machine on eBay

Published 21 March 2020


A seller on eBay in 2020 is attempting to sell a pre-A1000 Commodore Amiga development machine. These machines are rare and were manufactured by the original Amiga Inc. We take a look at the details of this machine and the item that is claimed for sale.

Ebay Listing 254521128536 (alternate source)

PreA1000 Commodore Amiga development machine USA 2020

Described as a Commodore C65 for sale in the listing as:

Offered here is an exceptional piece of Commodore computer history. From the reserach I have found online, only 5 or 6 of these still exist in the world and most if not all of them are eurpean versions. Many years ago, I had the fortune to aquire this beauty. It is an original Amiga developemt system that was sent out by Commodore to various software developers to aid in the developent of there future Amiga line. This item is a NTSC 110v version. Perhaps the only US version to servive. It is NOT tested. I dare not power on such a unique piece of Computer history. Last one sold offered sold for 17000GBP. This is the info I got off the net bout this Ulta rare device.

Obviously Amiga Inc. required development mules to build and test the Amiga development platform. Prior to this eBay auction, I had never seen one for sale and I cannot determine how honest and reliable the information on this eBay auction of the pre-A1000 Commodore Amiga development computer really is.

The Big Book of Amiga Hardware is my usual reference for Amiga hardware questions and it supplied beautiful pictures of a similar development machine here (wayback)).

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