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Top 5 Best Acid Jazz Podcasts for 2020

Updated 15 January 2020


This is AudioPhil™ and I love Acid Jazz music. Streaming radio services offer you millions of songs to download but do you have the time to bother? I continue to listen to stay current on the countless Acid Jazz podcast in 2020 and have picked out what are, in my opinion, the best Acid Jazz podcasts for 2020 that will bring back your groove. So sit back, relax, and work your way through the list.

Getting your groove on with the best Top 5 Acid Jazz podcasts
Getting your groove on with the best Top 5 Acid Jazz podcasts. Thanks to Burst for this photo.


Acid Jazz holds a special place in my heart as being a popular version of jazz music for musicians. Have you ever wondered what the Acid Jazz genre actually is? The music style seems to have progress from Acid Jazz to Nu Jazz and beyond. But to be frank, I like calling the modern jazz genre, Acid Jazz.

Of course, it is early in the 2020 season to be making big calls on what is going to happen in the Acid Jazz scene in 2020. I make no predictions beyond say that this year is going to be a good year. As AudioPhil™, I'll be listening to the best, worst, and just plain average Acid Jazz podcasts for you, the listener. As newer, better podcasts come about, I'll update the list accordingly.

Best Acid Jazz Podcasts of 2020

As AudioPhil™, I give you what I think are the best five acid jazz podcasts that were released in 2020. Please remember that it is still only January so I do not yet have five top quality Acid Jazz podcasts that I can recommend for you yet. Rest assured, the best is still coming.

1. Bandcamp Weekly, January 7, 2020

Bandcamp Weekly 354

This Bandcamp Weekly podcasts covers many genres and is not strictly an Acid Jazz podcasts. However, there are so many great Acid Jazz style songs in here that it deserves a mention. And being released on the seventh day of the year, the strength of this Acid Jazz podcast bodes well for the 2020s. To the golden ears of AudioPhil™, the Bad Boys of Jazz really deliver a strong brassy melody.

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Comments Section

Maxwell P Lee
Writer @ Phillaneum.com

AudioPhil™, it's so nice to be back as a support reviewer for the best Acid Jazz podcasts for 2020. As you said, it is only January, so there is a full year ahead of us. To be honest, I didn't expcted you to pick the Bandcamp Weekly podcast as you first-best choice for this voting season. But there you have it. Please keep us informed on your next updates.

Overall, I give this podcast ranking a solid 5 stars.

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