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The Retrogaming Times 22 Review

Published 8 September 2019


We believe that a living retrogaming genre should have plenty of conversation and lots of useful discussion. The Retrogaming Times writes about the retrogaming culture as it happens by writers who a genuinely interesting in what's happening. Here, we have not written The Retrogaming Times, but are rather writing about the publication and contributing to the discussion. We give you a direct link to The Retrogaming Times issue 22 so you can review the publication for yourself.

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The Retrogaming Times
Issue 22, September 2019, Publication Details

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Why are we reading The Retrogaming Times, issue 22

The Retrogaming Times is a quality web-only publication that describes itself as the longest running free retrogaming newsletter of all time. We can not verify this claim ourselves but there is certainly a regular stream of issues being published. In this article we are giving our The Retrogaming Times issue 22 review.

There was one gaming event that we were particularly interested in; And that is Retropalooza. Many thanks to The Retrogaming Times for pointing our browser in this direction. We had not heard of Retropalooza before. The Retropalooza website has full details of this interesting retro event held in October 2019. The goal of Retropalooza is to bring nerds from all walks of life together. There is very little information on the website regarding the format or what to expect at the event. However, the characters sound interesting and there appears to be good marketing support from commercail vendors. I guess that we will have to wait for the updates on Twitter to know more.

Our Discussion on Retrogaming Systems

Commodore C64

Very few retrogaming magazines can make it through a whole edition without mentioning the Commodore C64. To our minds, the Commodore C64 is the ultimate retrogaming machine. Be it in original form, FPGA reproduction, or emulated in VICE, there are many ways to enjoy the Commodore C64 8-bit experience. We dive deep into enjoying this machine without Commodore C64 journal.

Mattel Intellivision



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