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Feelin Good Tees "Never Forget" T-Shirt review

Updated 15 February 2023

Fashion matters, especially when we are into retrogaming. Let's face it. T-shirts are glassic gaming wear. I have never seen anyone wear a tuxedo when playing computer games. I think it's important to wear something that is comfortable and reflects who you are. I review the popular Never Forget retro retro t-shirt by Feelin Good Tees that is regularly advertised on the net. It is the retro t-shirt that appeals to the 50-somethings that used to use tapes back in the day.

Never Forget retro T-shirt

The first T-Shirt was created as an undergarment for US soldiers during the Spanish-American War in 1898. The T-shirt became popular as a casual, comfortable and affordable piece of clothing, and today it is one of the most widely worn articles of clothing in the world. Additionally, T-shirts have been used as a canvas for self-expression and creativity, with people using them to display their favorite bands, movies, and other cultural references.

Never Forget T-shirt full front image
image:  the never forget t-shirt that I wear

Retrogaming, for me, is a passion for reliving the golden age of gaming and experiencing the games, technology, and culture of the past. It's about exploring the history of video games and appreciating the art, design, and innovation that went into creating the games we loved growing up. From playing classic arcade games to collecting vintage consoles, retrogaming is a journey back in time to a world of 8-bit graphics, chiptune music, and endless hours of fun. For me, it's about preserving the past and sharing my love for gaming history with others.

As a gamer, I understand the appeal of retrogaming merchandise. It's a way to show my love and appreciation for the classic games that I grew up playing. The designs on the shirts, hats, and other items often feature iconic characters, logos, and other recognizable elements from those games. Wearing retrogaming merchandise is a way to start conversations and connect with others who share my passion for gaming nostalgia. It's a fun way to pay homage to the games that hold a special place in my heart and bring back memories of childhood and simpler times.

There is a techology twist here too. Technology has made preserving our gaming history possible. With the constant advancements in technology, it's easy for older games and hardware to become obsolete and lost to time. This phenomenon is known as the digital dark age, where data and information is ruthlessly deleted at an exponential rate. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to access and experience older games and technology. However, the popularity of retrogaming and retrogaming merchandise helps to combat this problem by keeping the memories and experiences of vintage gaming alive. By wearing t-shirts featuring classic games and characters, or playing the games themselves, retro gamers are not only having fun but also preserving a valuable part of digital history.

Never Forget T-shirt image detail
image:  close up detail of the never forget thermal print graphic

The catch here is that we used to use floppy disks, tapes and other magnetic media to store our experiences. Old magnetic media formats, such as floppy disks and tapes, were used to store early video games and as technology has evolved, these formats have become increasingly fragile and difficult to access. The challenge of preserving this important piece of history has led to a renewed interest in retrogaming and the quest to keep these classic games alive. Not only are we preserving a piece of our cultural heritage, but we are also allowing new generations of gamers to experience these classic games, just as they were meant to be played. The connection between retrogaming and old magnetic media formats is a crucial one, as it is the only way to ensure that these games are not lost forever.

The expression "never forget" is commonly used to express the sentiment that important events or memories should be remembered and cherished. However, when it comes to old magnetic media formats like floppy disks and cassette tapes, it's becoming increasingly clear that people are indeed forgetting. The humour comes from the irony of this situation, as we use a phrase meant to commemorate and remember, but in this case it highlights our failure to do so. It's a funny and poignant reminder of how quickly technology evolves and how our relationship to it can change in just a few short years.

Review of the Never Forget T-Shirt

Overall, we award this t-shirt an Angry Alien™.

Angry Alien(TM) approves

Retrogaming T-Shirts for Sale

Never Forget T-Shirt Datasheet

Model: Feelin Good Tees™ Never Forget
Company: RK T-Shirts
Description: Never Forget retro t-shirt
Country of Origin:  USA
Material 100% Cotton
Size: XL
Purchased: 2018

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