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Little Golden Book - I am Mr Spock

Update 12 October 2019


The Little Golden Book series has matched up with the Star Trek to introduce the Star Trek franchise to younger minds. We take a look at this book to determine if this release is worthy to receive an Angry Alien™.

I am Spok book cover

Why are we reading I am Mr Spock?

Both the Little Golden Book series and the Star Trek franchise have been around a long time. Many western readers will have been come across these stories as children. So it has taken a long time for this match up to come of age. Is I am Mr Spock it any good and should retro enthusiasts take an interest? Does this Little Golden Book tell a good story or does it ride on the coat tails of the Star Trek franchise?

I am Spock book review

Little Golden Books are a collection of books described by Random House as a book suitable for children, ages 2 to 5. The reviewer doesn't think they are within that age group but still found this fiction crossover interesting.

Let start with what makes Little Golden Books so special. These children's books are short stories that are heavy on colorful illustrations and light on big words. The front and back covers are heavy weight cardboard with a golden tape down the spine. On the inside there is a small box titled, This Little Golden Book belongs to, where you can write your name onto the book and make it yours.

In general, we find Star Trek stories to be enjoyable and great at using space operas the medium to tell a great yarn. An classic example is discussed in our review of ST:TNG Dyson Sphere. However, this Little Golden Book, I am Mr Spock, is not about telling a story. I am Mr Spock introduces the reader to Mr Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series. It is a similar approach that the writers of Little Golden Book took with the first Star Trek book, I am Captain Kirk.

We found reading I am Mr. Spock pleasurable and the writing style clear and to the point. This is the sort of book one can read time and again. However, the writing does get a little dull. In reading this book to an audience aged 2-5, using a sample size of just two, we found the children are interested but not fascinated with the story. They found no connection with the Mr Spock as the character.

Where this book shines is in the illustrations. Our sample audience spent a lot of time asking about the aliens and the strange landscapes, colors and baddies. A quick read often turns into a interrogation of what the aliens do and if they were good people or bad people.

I am Mr Spock review Angry Alien™ rating

I am Mr Spock is a simple book that introduces younger minds to the Star Trek franchise by describing who Mr Spock is and the alien characters to meets on his journey. This book also makes for an interesting talking point for collectors of both Little Golden Books and the Star Trek franchise.

Overall, we give I am Mr Spock two Angry Aliens™

Angry Alien Angry Alien

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