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Dragon's Lair Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch

Updated 27 February 2023

As avid retrogamers, we have our fingers crossed for a full-scale revival of the Dragon's Lair laserdisc series, and most other series that Digital Leasure released over the years. The animated style is both quirky and attractive and makes a good break from the 4k realtime render of high-performance gaming rigs. The gameplay in Dragon's Lair is the the beating heart of what makes retrogaming so great. The physical edition by Limited Run also has some goodies to share.

Dragon's Lair trilogy comes out on the Nintendo Switch
Dragon's Lair on the Nintendo Switch

Dragon's Lair is a classic game that has withstood the test of time, and it's exciting to see a potential revival on the horizon. The quirky animated style is a refreshing break from the hyper-realistic graphics of modern games, and the gameplay is what makes it a timeless classic. As retrogamers, we're always looking for ways to relive the nostalgia of our childhoods, and a full-scale revival of the Dragon's Lair laserdisc series would be a dream come true. The physical edition by Limited Run is also a great way to show our support for this beloved series and enjoy some extra goodies at the same time. Here's hoping that more retro game series get the attention they deserve in the future!

This is amazing news for avid gamers. The Dragon's Lair trilogy has been released on the Nintendo Switch. Much has been written about retro-gaming on the Nintendo Switch but it is amazing to see that this old classic is coming out. The Dragon's Lair Trilogy has been available for digital download since January 2019. We can only wonder how difficult it was to secure the licensing agreement for Dragon's Lair for the digital release.

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This release incorporates the three big laserdisc releases; Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp, and Space Ace. Limited Run is responsible for the release. The full details can be found on Limited Run's pre-order webpage. There is both the phyical release and the collector's box Classic Edition. The publisher has stated that the Classic Edition has already sold out.

Dragon's Lair is often released in a package with its sequels, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp and Space Ace. Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp follows the same gameplay style as the original, with the player guiding Dirk the Daring through various obstacles and quick-time events. Space Ace, on the other hand, puts the player in control of the space hero Ace as he battles the evil Commander Borf to save his girlfriend Kimberly. Both games were also released on laserdisc and have been ported to numerous platforms over the years. Together with the original Dragon's Lair, they make for a nostalgic and challenging retrogaming experience.

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We have many question around the useability of this release. Please don't get us wrong. We assume that the playability has been tested to meet the high standards set by other Nintendo Switch releases. It is just that we would like the cheat notes to come with the release, in the same way that the cheat notes came with the DVD release. Also, is the game remastered to the Nintendo Switch's 16:9 native form or cropped to fit? Can players switch between the 16:9 format or revert back to the original's 4:3 ratio format?

There have also been question asked about the logic of bundling Space Ace, which is a space quest game, in with a middle-ages game. Rather than delving into the technical development side of things, we like to think the series is rather like the BBC series, Black Adder. It is the same series, just set in different generations.

Otherwise, we are super-excited. We have put our money where our mouth is and placed our pre-order. The publisher states that they expect to ship this item out in September 2019.

Dragon's Lair trilogy pre-order confirmation
Our Limited Run pre-order confirmation

Limited Run Dragon's Lair II Trading Card 528

It is with great pleasure that we received a Dragon's Lair II trading card in the delivery. The card has an image of Derek, with sword in hand, fighting off a fire-breathing dragon at the top of the card. The card has 528 written on the bottom left corner. On the flip side is a single black and white limited run graphic. The stock is hard carboard with shine finish. External dimensions are approximately 8.9cm width by 6.4cm height.

Limited Run Dragon's Lair II Trading Card
Limited Run Tragon's Lair II trading card

We don't quite know what to do with this limited edition trading card. Let's face it. The two obvious questions are, (1) who would we trade cards with, and (2) what collection are we trying to build. Neither of these answers do we have solutions for. The card is still interesting and it fits nicely into the standard Nintendo Switch jewel case. It adds a touch of class to our small but loveable Dragon's Lair collection.

Dragon's Lair Fan Fiction

A dragon chasing Dirk dirk fighting away the dragon dirk stealing the trading card from the Dragon The dragon becomes friends with Dirk

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Dirk who was an avid fan of the Dragon's Lair arcade game. He had collected all of the Dragon's Lair collector cards, which were rare and highly coveted among his group of friends.

One day, Dirk decided to take his collection of cards to the park to show them off to his friends. As he walked through the park, he noticed a strange figure lurking in the shadows. It was a dragon! But this wasn't just any dragon, it was the dragon from the Dragon's Lair game. Dirk was excited to see the dragon, but he didn't realize that the dragon had other plans. The dragon snatched the collector cards from Dirk's hands and took off into the sky. Dirk was devastated. He couldn't believe that his beloved collection was gone, stolen by a dragon!

Determined to get his cards back, Dirk set out on a quest to find the dragon. He searched high and low, asking everyone he met if they had seen the dragon with his cards. Finally, after days of searching, he found the dragon's lair. He snuck into the lair, trying to be as quiet as possible. The dragon was sleeping, with the collector cards lying next to him. Dirk slowly tiptoed over and grabbed the cards. But just as he was about to make his escape, the dragon woke up!

Dirk thought he was done for, but instead of attacking him, the dragon started to cry. Dirk was confused. Why was the dragon crying? It turned out that the dragon had been lonely and wanted someone to play the Dragon's Lair game with him. Dirk realized that he had misjudged the dragon. He wasn't a thief, he was just lonely. So Dirk sat down with the dragon and they played the Dragon's Lair game together. It was the best game of Dragon's Lair that Dirk had ever played.

In the end, Dirk realized that the collector cards weren't as important as he had thought. What was important was the friendships he had made along the way, and the memories he had created with the dragon. From that day forward, Dirk visited the dragon's lair every week to play the game together, and they became the best of friends.

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