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Commodore C65 Serial No 3

Published 16 May 2019


This Commodore C65 prototype sold in the US for $18,350 in 2017. These prototype computers are current in hot demand across the world by wealthy collectors and vintage computer museums. The are a handful of photos given in the eBay auction and only a limited description. The seller states that this Commodore C65 does not have a VIC-III chip in it.

Ebay Listing 222630201237 (alternate source)

Commodore C65 eBay Listing USA 2017

Described as a Commodore C65 for sale in the listing as:

The motherboard is a revision 2A board with the number "3" written on it in one spot and "D3" written in another spot. The computer is missing the VIC-III chip so it is non-functional. The 4510, DMAgic, FDC, RAM, ROM and SID sockets are populated with the correct chips.

The seller says that he was told that this particular Commodore C65 prototype was probably used in the lab at Commodore as there are a few solvent stains on the case near the floppy drive as shown in the photos. They are described as being cosmetic in nature.

The VIC-III chip is one of the more interesting aspects of the Commdore C65 design, giving near 16-bit computer graphics capabilities in an 8-bit machine. We are not aware of the availability of the VIC-III chips. If the VIC-III chips are very rare then it may never be possible to get this particular machine operational in the future.

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