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Arby's Three Cheese Steak Sandwich

Published 6 October 2018


"Hello everyone, this is ... Running on Empty Food Review." And so this review opens. Here at the Home of Miscellaneum, we don't normally spend our times discussing the latest fast food but the Three Cheese Steak Sandwich took our fancy. A quick look at the Arby's website (wayback) shows that this Three Cheese Sandwich shows that there is potential.

Three Cheese Steak Sandwich Review

Source: TheReportOfTheWeek Youtube channel (alternate source)

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Review Commentary

You may ask, what are the three cheeses? We won't hold you in suspense. This sandwich has Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese, and parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce because it’s the Three Cheese sandwich. The sandwich also comes with fried onion to add texture and flavour. These may be some of the factors contributing to the reported 43g of Fat - Total (g).

The review starts as usual, sitting in the food review vehicle parked in a carpark. The presenter looks very professional and that tie screams for attention. Unfortunately, we are not sure on the fit of the suit jacket. Could that jacket look a few sizes bigger than necessary?

Up flashes the box and it's emblazoned with the Meat Craft trademark. There doesn't appear to be much on the internet about Meat Craft even though the presenter talked up a big game on this. Before the big bite the sandwich gets pulled apart and reduced to blend of yellows. Forget looking for the token patch of iceberg lettuce found in many hamburgers. So the Angus Three Cheese Sandwich from Arby's is goin'in.

"They raved about this. They said that this is one of the greatest pieces of fast-food I have ever eaten. And ... I disagree. I completely disagree." There is a strong sentiment here. But please tell us what you really think! The Angus steak was very tender. Not a bad start. Apparently, there was just too much saltiness in the flavour. The cheese blend was also reported as being very salty, although with a pleasant nutty flavour to it. The peppercorn sauce seems to the be the redeeming flavour which had a nice creamy texture to it and a nice tanginess to it as well.

Our concluding thought is that there needs to be a home hack video to imitate the Arby's flavour in a sandwich. Would the hacker's made sandwich be as salty, or would it realize the reviewer's expected experience?

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