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Classical Arcade Games Station (1099 games)

Updated 6 January 2024

Classical Arcade Games Station (1099 games)

I love playing the arcade games and were totally excited to find an all-in-one package to play our most memorable arcade games. We were thinking Bubble Bobble for starters and then proceeding onto shoot-em-ups. The 2-player setup has a lot of appeal as do the arcade joysticks and the microswitch fire buttons. The packaging sure looks the part.


In 2018, I was looking for a full-size arcade cabinet style machine. And then we got to thinking that we had nowhere to put such a bit piece of furniture. Besides, only one person can really play on those standing cabinets at a time. Oh, and let's not forget the price. The logical next step was to investigate cocktail style arcade machines. You know the ones that are shaped like a table and have a glass top. The major problem was that most games are not suitable for players to compete sitting opposite each other. Oh, and let's not forget the price of those either.

The Classical Arcade Games Station comes as a single-box solution ready for two players to play arcade style in front of your own television display. There were a variety of cover panels to choose from. Our hearts were set on the fighters from the moment we saw them.

I purchased this model in 2018 on eBay for around USD$200. The marketing material in that listing claimed that the Classical Arcade Games Station was a type of Pandora's Box 6S. The packaging and manual that were delivered, however, made no mention of Pandora's Box. The price does vary significantly over time, so it may pay to wait for any discount vouchers that may apply to the sale. All in one box gives all the benefits of a full-scale machine in a tidy package. As of 2024, the popularity for this all-in-one boxes has waned with fewer available on sale.

eBay listing for Pandora's Box 6S
eBay listing for Pandora's Box 6S (2018)

Physical Layout

Classical Arcade Games Station boxed
Arcade Station boxed (as delivered)
Arcade Station unboxing
Arcade Station unboxing
>Spare arcade buttons supplied
Spare arcade buttons supplied
Supplied long length cables
Supplied long length cables
A sneak peak into the box
A sneak peak into the box
Classical arcade games station
Classical arcade games station

My Experience

Oh man, let me tell you about my Classical Arcade Games Station I snagged off eBay back in "18. Picture this: it"s styled like those old-school arcade joystick desks, and the decal? Absolutely killer. You can"t miss it – screams retro gaming from a mile away. Setting it up was a breeze, just needed a power point and a long HDMI cable to hook it up to my screen.

But here"s the thing, you gotta be strategic about where you plop this bad boy down. It needs a solid spot, especially if you"re planning some intense two-player action. And yes, for the curious cats out there, getting inside the deck is a piece of cake. Now, I"m no tech wizard, but this doesn"t look like your standard Pandora"s Box unit. Not that it bothers me – I wasn"t planning on tinkering with it anyway.

I did hit up the seller about adding new games via USB, but all I got back was a nod towards the world"s most unhelpful manual. So nope, haven"t figured out how to expand the game library. Speaking of games, there are over a thousand on this thing! Lots of Street Fighter types – which, honestly, I still don"t get. I just end up frantically mashing buttons until my character gets KO"ed.

But hey, Bubble Bobble? That"s my jam! It runs smooth as silk and is still a blast. Now, Gauntlet – there"s a bit of a snag. For some reason, I can"t get the second player joystick to join in, and none of my USB joystick experiments worked. Kind of a downer since Gauntlet"s all about burning through credits with a pal.

Overall, I do like the machine and still hook it up for some retro fun now and then. But would I recommend my specific model to my buddies? Nah, not really. There are just too many little quirks and no way to tweak the settings to my liking. And for the joystick connoisseurs out there, you might find the joystick a bit too wobbly for your taste. My advice? Maybe look for a more up-to-date retro gaming platform.

Angry Alien™ Review

Angry Alien speaks… Embarking on the Classical Arcade Games Station is like piloting a spacecraft with outdated star charts. It tantalizes with a galaxy of 1099 games, a nostalgic constellation shining with promise. Yet, its journey through the retro arcade cosmos is marred by black holes: a non-expanding game universe and a second player joystick that's more erratic than a meteor shower. Its build quality? As sturdy as a comet's tail. This machine, while a nostalgic nod to the golden era of arcades, sadly orbits closer to a dwarf planet than a gaming supernova. 🕹️👽🎮

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