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Updated 5 March 2023

As retro gaming experiences continue to gain popularity, retailers are finding ways to tap into this trend with new products. One such product is the Typo Retro Gamer handheld gaming machine, available at Cotton:On. This device comes pre-loaded with 240 classic games, allowing players to enjoy a range of classic gaming experiences on the go. One standout game on the device is Curly Monkey, which has quickly become a favorite among gamers.

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I purchased the Typo Retro Gamer machine from Cotton:ON Retro Gamer. The retail site has only a brief description of the physical packaging and just a photo of 25 small screenshots on the back. This may be adequate for packaging in a shop store but it is a little underwhelming for an online storefront. We will examine this beatufil machine and hopefully give you more helpful research information. I love all things retrogaming The Typo retro game handheld computer is not a big name gaming machine. But consider for yourself if there is enough room in your games collection for a one off machine. In our mind there is; If only to play every once in a while.


Many cheap gaming machines bundle no-name games together. They figure that by having 100s of games, buyers would assume that there must be one or two good ones in the list. This is a common marketing approach for cheap gaming machines. By bundling a large number of games, manufacturers can create the impression of offering more value for money and increase the chances of buyers finding a game they enjoy. However, the quality of these games is often questionable, and many buyers may end up disappointed with the overall gaming experience. It is important for consumers to research and read reviews before purchasing such products.

Readers might consider buying a handheld gaming console because it offers a portable and convenient way to play games on the go. These cheap devices often come with a large number of pre-installed games, providing a variety of options to choose from. They can also be relatively inexpensive compared to larger gaming systems. These handheld consoles can be a great way to revisit classic games from the past or discover new ones. They offer a fun and accessible gaming experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

  Physical Layout

Cotton:On Typo Retro Gamer Front View
Typo Retro Game (front)
Cotton:On Typo Retro Gamer Side View
Typo Retro Game
Cotton:On Typo Retro Gamer Side View
Typo Retro Game
Cotton:On Typo Retro Gamer Side View
Typo Retro Game (rear)

Product Packaging Blooper

Retro-gaming games list
requires 3xAA and takes 4xAA batteries

To the trained eye there are lots of typos on product packaging. Most of the time it is minor typographical errors like missing a full-stop or alignment of text. However, it doesn't take a super-sleuth to see this simple typo here. The battery cover states that the product requires 3xAA batteries. Yet, the product physically takes 4xAA batteries. A quick check by us found that the retro-gamer didn't work with only 3 batteries.

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Typo 240-in-1 Hand Held Games List

Retro-gaming games list
Typo 240-in-1 Hand Held Games List

By popular demands, we have listed all 240 games available on the 240 in 1 retro hand held games machine. It is difficult to determine what sort of order the games are listed in the menu system. It's a crazy list. Just keep a look out for our favorite game, Curly Monkey.

  1. Curly Moinkey 2
  2. Battle Plan
  3. Champion Boat
  4. Curely Monkey
  5. Enchanter
  6. Abscondee
  7. Amusemnent Park 2
  8. Checkers
  9. Chinese Checkers
  10. Defier
  11. Fateful Battle
  12. Reversi
  13. Spring Jester
  14. Tower
  15. Poleaxe
  16. Shark
  17. Thinice
  18. Wonder Rabbit
  19. Super Hero
  20. Primitive Man
  21. Primitive Woman
  22. The Hacker
  23. Forest Adventure
  24. F22
  25. Racing Fighter
  26. Frontline Gallop
  27. Highway Rider
  28. Extreme Rally
  29. Speed Challenge
  30. Vanguard
  31. Magic Jony
  32. Sky Wing
  33. X Racing
  34. Aether Cruiser
  35. Aim Cruise
  36. Air Alert
  37. Airial Hero
  38. Airway
  39. Animal Blockers
  40. Aerial Warefare
  41. Animal Contest
  42. Baloon Shoot
  43. Tennis Ball
  44. Battle Plan
  45. Benthal
  46. Bicycle
  47. Blob Buster
  48. Boat Race
  49. Brother Ball
  50. Bug Catcher
  51. Busy Bar
  52. Candy Workshop
  53. Twin Fish
  54. Chess
  55. Contest
  56. Cookies Labyrinth
  57. Crystal Ball
  58. Crystal Blast
  59. Danger Bridge
  60. Deformable
  61. Dejectile
  62. Dragn
  63. Fairy's Treasure
  64. Fated Pirate
  65. Final Blood
  66. Fish Story
  67. Football
  68. Frantic Fishing
  69. Fruit Gift
  70. Ghost Castle
  71. Golden Bird
  72. Goodhand
  73. Gradirs
  74. Greeds
  75. Hammer and Nail
  76. Happy Match
  77. Hassle
  78. Ice Cream
  79. Island
  80. Jumping Kids
  1. Jump Jump
  2. Ladangel
  3. Lightening
  4. Little Witch
  5. Lucky Ball
  6. Magic Egg
  7. Meccano
  8. Metro Menia
  9. Mirror Devil World
  10. Mouse Hero
  11. Mouse Snare
  12. Mowing
  13. Music Moment
  14. Nut Cracky
  15. Octopus
  16. Panzer Fly Car
  17. Pizza Boy
  18. Police Dog
  19. Police vs Thief
  20. The Farmer
  21. Fling Ball
  22. Power Robot
  23. Pulveration
  24. Rabbit Village
  25. River Jump
  26. Road Worker
  27. Scoring
  28. Seaport Guarl
  29. Sea Wolf
  30. Soldier
  31. Space Base
  32. Spring World
  33. Star
  34. Strong PJCC
  35. Submarine
  36. Super Boy
  37. Sirfg Sport
  38. Through Man
  39. Toad in the Hole
  40. To To
  41. Toy Factory
  42. Trump Tank
  43. Tunny
  44. Utmost Warefare
  45. Van1
  46. Vigilant
  47. Violent
  48. Volley Ball
  49. War Zone
  50. Water Pipe
  51. Wild Worm
  52. Wonder Ball
  53. 100M Dash
  54. 110M Hurdles
  55. Aether Cruiser
  56. Aether Kavass
  57. Aimless
  58. Air Umbrella
  59. Angel
  60. Antiquarium
  61. Apple Chess
  62. Aquarium
  63. Archery
  64. Arena
  65. Assart
  66. Aweful Rushing
  67. Billiard
  68. Bitha
  69. Bomb
  70. Bomb King
  71. Bounce
  72. Box World
  73. Bubble
  74. Bug Bear
  75. Bug's War
  76. Burbles
  77. Burrow Explorer
  78. Cannonade
  79. Care Bear
  80. Close Quarters
  1. Coast Guard
  2. G-3 Cobra of Sky
  3. Colcotha
  4. Combata
  5. Conte Enegy
  6. Corridor
  7. Dada
  8. Dark Castle
  9. Defensive
  10. Devildom Doom
  11. Diamond
  12. Dice
  13. Discus Put
  14. Dragon Den
  15. Eidolon's Revenge
  16. The Archer
  17. Warrior
  18. Fire Base
  19. Fisher
  20. Frantic Mouse
  21. Fruit Dish
  22. Goal Keeper
  23. Goblet Tower
  24. Gold Digger
  25. Golfer
  26. Grot Kid
  27. Hallihoo
  28. Happy Adventure
  29. Hexapod
  30. Hexapod War
  31. High Jump
  32. Hit Mouse
  33. Hot Speed
  34. IQ Champion
  35. Javelin
  36. Jungly Guy
  37. Levin Action
  38. Long Jump
  39. Mad Xmas
  40. Mars
  41. Mars Man
  42. Memory Test
  43. Motoboat
  44. Move Box
  45. Panzer Attack
  46. Pathway
  47. Patternmaker
  48. Penguin
  49. Penta Base
  50. Pillar
  51. Polar Bat
  52. Puzzle
  53. Escapeway
  54. Risker
  55. Robot
  56. Rural Goblin
  57. Season Garden
  58. Shoot
  59. Shot Put
  60. Shrew Mouse
  61. Sky Invader
  62. Space War
  63. Star
  64. Strafe
  65. Surface Fire
  66. Tennis Ball
  67. Tactful Monkey
  68. Difference
  69. Egg Contest
  70. Escapeway
  71. TNT
  72. Hang Man
  73. Fruit Boxes
  74. Heroes Mice
  75. Heroes Mice 2
  76. Jig Chick
  77. Jumping Weald
  78. Pong Pong
  79. Prey
  80. Puppet Show

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