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Falcom Brandish 2

Published 21 March 2018


This is a rare find of orginal soundtrack music to the lesser known Falcom franchise, Brandish 2. The game was released in Japan around 1993 but didn't see much visibility in Western markets. The music has been described as a touch melancholic and leaning to the darker side. We don't get too worried about the description as we just love it.

Brandish 2 Original Soundtrack [1993]

Brandish 2 Game Soundtrack cover

Track Listing

  1. Title Logo
  2. Prolgue - Bundevia
  3. Stranger - Wandering Swordsman
  4. Prison
  5. Wood
  6. Castle Town
  7. Tower
  8. Nucleus
  9. Cave
  10. Ninja Yashiki - Spilling innocent blood
  11. Soldier's Sorrow
  12. Battle Point Version C
  13. Battle Point Version A
  14. Ice Zone - Green Zone
  15. Wharf 1
  16. Battle Point Version D
  17. Wharf 2
  18. et al.

download here
download here

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