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Falcom Brandish 2

Published 21 March 2018


This is a rare find of orginal soundtrack music to the lesser known Falcom franchise, Brandish 2. The game was released in Japan around 1993 but didn't see much visibility in Western markets. The music has been described as a touch melancholic and leaning to the darker side. The Brandish 2 soundtrack is an excellent example of FM synth music from Japan. We don't get too worried about the description as we just love it.

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Brandish 2 Original Soundtrack [1993]

Brandish 2 Game Soundtrack cover

Track Listing

download here
download here

Why are we listening to the Brandish 2 soundtrack?

Brandish 2 represents the godfather of retrogaming in the Japanese market. FM synth music is the backbone to a fantastic retrogame. The Japanese arguably did the best synth gaming music in the 1990s. So when we saw Falcom's Brandish 2 become available on the Internet Archive we got excited. The Brandish 2 soundtrack has over 40 quality tracks. Playing these through your hifi speakers will return you right back into the arcade experience. In our opinion, this music is timeless.

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