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3D Nature Soundscape Recordings

Published 10 November 2018


Rolling waves, the gentle ebb and flow of tide pools, sea gulls and shore birds, fog horns and ship’s bells, the sounds of The Sea envelope you with true stereo sound. Could this be the ultimate way to relax; to dive deep into a nature soundscape? Recorded among the redwoods of the Big Sur Mountains, a rocky stream winds its way from waterfall to the sea, complemented by the sounds of morning birds and evening crickets. Nature recordings give a nice break from the loudness wars of modern music.

Mountain view soundscape


The wonderful sound of nature can be an inspiring experience to listen to. And it makes one wonder why there are not more of these impressive soundscapes available to enjoy. The page claims that the music is in a 3D Living Sound format, although there doesn't appear to be any information on the Internet on this recording technique. The producers recommends that you listen to the 3D Living Sound through your headphones so that you can gain the maximum meditative effect.

Life is getting very hectic and it has come on-trend to create soothing soundscape and relaxing music. Another example of this great style of music is the Trees and Plants soundscape album. The Internet Archive does not indicate the source of this recording or where we can more recordings of this type.

Some Nature Recordings Album

Some Nature Records CD Album cover

Track Listing

  1. The Sea, part 1
  2. The Sea, part 2
  3. Mountain Stream, part 1
  4. Mountain Stream, part 2
  5. Thunderstorm, part 1
  6. Thunderstorm, part 2
  7. Dawn
  8. Dusk

download here
download here
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