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Digital Talk 101 C64 Disk Magazine

Updated 25 March 2023

For some reason, we can never get enough disk magazines for the Commodore C64. Digital Talk is a fascinating disk magazine for Commodore C64 enthusiasts, even if you don't speak German. Published in Germany, the magazine covers all aspects of the C64 scene, including software, hardware, and user groups. Don't let one little technicality of language stop you from enjoying this release.

Commodore C64 Digital Talk 101 disk magazine intro screenshot

What is a Disk Magazine?

The Commodore C64 is the ideal retro platform for demos, new games releases, and music synthesizers. Take a look at why the Commodore 64 remains popular to this day. Why buy a boring printed magazine? You can directly load up the digital experience on your Commodore C64. Your choices can be the Classic Commodore C64, the more advanced Commodore C128 or one of the many (free and commercial) Commodore C64 emulators. Magazines are a great source of news on the scene and quality links to the latest projects.

As a fan of the Commodore 64, I am familiar with demo group disk magazines. These magazines were essentially digital publications distributed on floppy disks and created by demo groups, which were groups of programmers, artists, and musicians who collaborated to create impressive demos that showcased the capabilities of the C64. These disk magazines contained articles, interviews, reviews, and of course, demos created by the group. They were a way for the demo groups to share their work and connect with the larger C64 community. As someone who enjoys exploring the creative potential of this classic machine, I always look forward to getting my hands on a new demo group disk magazine.

Reading in the Digital

The magazine opens with a Galencia tribute screen in classic Commodore C64 style. At this point, you know you are being transported back to 8-bit heaven. The Digital Talk title screen loads up. The magazine is predominantly German language but there are English language articles as well. The magazine is enormous and spans 4 disk images.

The Digital Talk disk magazine has some interesting options that we have not seen on other disk magazines. Your first choice is to load the music and text articles into memory all at once. The initial loading takes longer but there are less interruptions when reading the magazine. The overall menu system is both usable and full of digital glamour.

Is the magazine any good?

The Digital Talk group has been release disk magazines for the Commodore C64 for a very long time. So long in fact that this is release one-hundred-and-one. The first set of autoload articles are mostly in German. We recommend that you flick through them as the links are very useful, if a little tiresome to manually type off the screen into a web browser There are plenty of other tricks, hacks and trainers supplied with the Digital Talk magazine. But we will let you discover these gifts for yourself.

The demos included in this Commodore C64 disk magazine are:

  1. Slipstream
  2. Mousetest V2
  3. 2K Race
  4. Galencia 1.5 (10 level demo)
  5. It´s Magic 2 (demo version)

Digital Talk 101 Screenshots

Digital Talk 101 title screenshot
title screen
Digital Talk 101 setup and configuraion screenshot
Useful Setup Options
Digital Talk 101 menu screen
Digital Talk menu
Disk 2 directory listing
2K Race (running)
It's Magic 2 (running)

Digital Talk 101 download

The original Digital Talk website has gone down and is no longer available. There is a shadown of its former self on Git Hib. Edition 101 of the magazine has gone dark, even on the wayback machine. This is why we are crying out about the digital dark age.

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