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Sony MHC-V90DW MUTEKI Karaoke Party Speaker

Published 7 April 2018


We love to discuss the latest high-end hi-fi units being released from some esoteric manufacturer located in middle-Europe. Sony has done its best to remind us that hi-fi can be fun and exciting. From out of nowhere Sony has released the Sony MHC-V90DW. Standing at 1.7m tall, there is little that can prepare you for the big reveal to the inner child hidden in all of us.

Sony MHC-V90DW Karaoke Party Speaker


The Sony MUTEKI (pronounced mu-te-ki) looks fun. The system is one of the tallest systems we have seen and at 1.7m tall, it will stand over kids and most adults. It takes a lot of effort to resist steaming the latest iTunes music channel to this beast. The technical specifications are given on the Sony website (wayback).

Mu-te-ki    Ultimate Powerful Sound (Soul shaking sound) and 'Massive design'.

Commodore C64 Karaoke

We talk around the circle about what we would do if we were given this monster tower of sonic destruction. The discussion invariably turned to Karaoke. And what form of Karaoke could be more fun than using the amazing C64 SID synthesizer to sing the latest tune.

After unpacking the Sony MHC-V90DW in our retro-computing den, we all agreed that we would connect our Commodore C64 to the display, plug in the audio connectors to the SID synthesizer, and the ... wait for it ... launch the Funky International Singalong Tournament. Imaging combining Sony's MegaBass and The Way of the Exploding Ears Karaoke! That is just unbelievable.

Stay with us on this. You can use the joystick to move down the menu to Hotel California, manually select Sony MegaBass, click fire and let the tunes start. So come on Sony, are you in?

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Sony MU•TE•KI• Features


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