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Obitus - Conquer this Amiga action-adventure queste

Updated 1 January 2024

Obitus - Conquer this Amiga action-adventure quest
image:  Obitus game box art re-imagined


Obitus is an unforgettable journey through the enchanting and perilous fantasy world, a game that captured the hearts of Amiga owners and etched its mark in the pantheon of action-adventure classics. As an avid retro-gaming enthusiast, I find myself time and time again drawn back to the immersive realm of this 16-bit masterpiece, where every turn holds the promise of danger and every victory feels like a heroic feat.

From the moment you boot up Obitus, the rush of nostalgia hits you like the sweetest spell. The game opens up with a call to adventure that's as timeless as the genre itself. You are thrust into a medieval fantasy world, rich with dark forests, daunting castles, and mysterious landscapes that stretch beyond the horizon of your imagination. With a trusty sword in hand and a vast, uncharted map before you, the game beckons you to step into the boots of a wanderer whose fate is as uncertain as the path that lies ahead.


In the dark and mystical land of Obitus, players find themselves in the worn leather boots of a wandering scholar who, by a twist of fate, is transported to a realm where the line between the living and the otherworldly is blurred. The Commodore Amiga, with its cutting-edge graphics and sound capabilities of the time, serves as the perfect vessel for this journey. As you begin your quest in the heart of a dense forest, the game immerses you in a labyrinthine world filled with enchanting melodies that set the tone for the adventure ahead. With an open-world design that was ahead of its time, Obitus invites you to explore its vast expanses, from the haunted depths of murky dungeons to the highest ramparts of desolate castles.

Gameplay in Obitus is a rich game with threads of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. As you traverse the varied landscapes, you must keep your wits sharp to solve cryptic puzzles that guard ancient secrets and treasures. These brain-teasers are as much a part of the land's fabric as the trees and stones that litter the terrain. Combat is a dance of death, requiring precision and timing as you face off against a menagerie of creatures that stand between you and your quest’s end. The arsenal at your disposal grows as you progress, each weapon and spell a crucial ally in the battles that punctuate your journey.

At its core, Obitus is a story of survival and discovery. The game doesn't hold your hand; instead, it challenges you to learn from each encounter, each setback, and each small triumph. The sense of accomplishment as you map out uncharted territories, deciphering clues and overcoming the adversaries that inhabit this world, is a reward in itself. Obitus's true magic lies not just in its gameplay mechanics but in its ability to transport players to a time when imagination and the thrill of discovery were the most powerful graphics engine. For the retro gaming enthusiast, Obitus stands as a monument to the golden age of action-adventure games, a testament to the enduring legacy of the Amiga's role in shaping the gaming landscape.

Orbitus Advertisement

Obitus full page advertisement page 1
Obitus full page advertisement page 2

The full-page advertisement for Obitus is a vibrant visual feast that immediately grabs attention, indicative of the era's bold marketing style. At the top, the title Obitus is emblazoned in a gothic, blood-red font with a purple outline, hovering ominously over the central image of a fearsome dragon in flight. This creature, with its scales shimmering and wings outstretched, perfectly encapsulates the sense of high fantasy and perilous adventure that the game promises.

Below the dragon, the ad features a series of screenshots from the game, framed in a filmstrip-like presentation. These images offer a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse environments of the Obitus world, from lush forests and dark caves to intricately detailed interior spaces, hinting at the game's exploratory nature. Each scene is a window into the game's soul, showcasing the graphical capabilities of the Amiga and the variety of settings players will navigate.

The advertisement for Obitus is a compelling invitation into a rich, action-packed world, masterfully using visuals and text to stir the imaginations and desires of gamers looking for their next adventure.

Pewrsonal Experience

Back in the glory days of the Commodore Amiga, Obitus was a game that, to my lingering regret, I never had the chance to experience firsthand. Yet, it wasn't the gameplay itself that held me captive; it was the siren call of Psygnosis's artwork, a visual symphony that resonated with anyone who laid eyes on it.

I remember the advertisements, a canvas of vibrant colors and fantastical creatures that seemed to leap off the page, beckoning me into a world I longed to explore. The screenshots in gaming magazines were like windows into another realm, each one a meticulous masterpiece of pixel art, portraying lush landscapes and enigmatic characters that promised adventures untold. I was enthralled by the beauty captured in those still frames, each a frozen moment of a journey I yearned to embark upon.

And then there were the boxes, those iconic blue packages graced with fantasy artwork that could stir the heart of any would-be adventurer. They weren't just game boxes; they were treasure chests, each holding the potential for endless escapades. The artwork, with its intricate details and bold hues, was a prelude to the epic saga that awaited within. Oh, how I wished to delve into that box, to uncover the secrets of Obitus, to navigate its challenges and emerge victorious. That wish, unfulfilled during the Amiga's halcyon days, remains with me—a nostalgic echo of what could have been in the realm of gaming lore.

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