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Other Worlds - July 1957 Magazine Review

Updated 18 February 2023

As I flipped through the pages of the July 1957 edition of Other Worlds magazine, I was transported to a world of space adventure and true science stories. This 60-year-old science fiction pulp fiction magazine is a treasure trove for any fan of the genre. One story in particular caught my attention, Space Ship Named Desire written by S.J. Byrne. This gripping tale tells the story of a space crew on a mission to Mars who encounter unexpected dangers and must fight for their survival. The writing is imaginative and captivating, making it easy to get lost in the story.

Flying Saucers from Other Worlds

Reading old editions of Other Worlds is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a glimpse into the popular culture and societal attitudes of the time period in which it was published. As a science fiction pulp fiction magazine, it reflects the concerns and dreams of people during that era, providing insight into the way people thought about science, technology, and the future.

Secondly, it can be fascinating to see how the stories and themes presented in the magazine have influenced modern science fiction. Many classic science fiction authors got their start in pulp fiction magazines like Other Worlds, and their ideas and writing style have left a lasting impact on the genre as a whole.

Finally, for fans of vintage science fiction and pulp fiction, reading old editions of Other Worlds can be a fun and nostalgic experience. The magazine offers a unique window into a bygone era of science fiction, complete with retro artwork, bold headlines, and over-the-top storylines that can transport readers back in time.

Flying Saucers from Other Worlds July 1957 magazine cover


  1. Editorial - Ray Palmer
  2. A Woman is a Non-Mechanical Thing - Evelyn Martin
  3. Personals
  4. Spaceship Named Desire,
    Stuart J. Bryne
  5. Scientifilm Searchlight - Forrest J. Ackermon
  6. The De Tatum Effect,
    Robert Moore Williams
  7. Superstitions of the Sea - Mildred Murdoch
  8. Quest of Brail - Richard S. Shaver
  9. Letters

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download here

Story Review - Spaceship Named Desire

Madge was dead, and I didn't care if I lived either. That's why I signed with this cutthroat, ore-grabbing shipping company, snatching thonon from Saturn's Ring. No more desire left in me than in the cold metal of this ship...
Spaceship Named Desire

Desire is a unique word in the English language and a powerful motivator for human beings. But what happens when you take away a Star Ship Captain's desire and send him out to space. Captain Price knows that feeling well. Staring down the barrel of a single malt Scotch, Price has time to think; To dwell on how much he misses the love of his life. Price lets his crew know that he is not to be messed with. He calls it, breaking a man, usually with his brick sized fists. But it is all for show. Loneliness and helplessness is the feeling that binds the hours between waking up and passing out.

S. J. Byrne has written an excellent short story within the pages of Flying Saucers from Other Worlds. Spaceship Named Desire runs from pages 14-27 and was published in 1957. But don't let the age get in your way of a good read as it ticks many of our favorite sci-fi boxes. Let's see... it is set in space, has a strange ship with a mutinous crew, and they are on a flight to pilfer the precious thonon from under the noses of the mining company, Titan. In the end, Captain Price finds desire out in deep space.

This space adventure story has a similar swashbuckling approach to space as ST:TNG Dyson Sphere, and the Elite Imprint, both from the early 1990s. We award this short story one Angry Alien™.

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