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MegaOcio Issue 24 Spanish Magazine March 1991

Updated 17 December 2024

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I have dived deep into the archives to discover the European view of 16-bit retrogaming. Edition 24 of MegaOcio was published in March 1991 and written in Spanish. (And this is where Google Translate has jumped into help me). It was the cover that drew me to this magazine. You can easily tell that 1991 was a period of transition with the Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, PC DOS, Spectrum and the looming console wars being covered. The Commodore C64 was along forgotten memory by then.

The cover of MegaOcio Issue 24 is particularly noteworthy. The cover is a giant green feature of the Wrath off the Demon. It features a vibrant and dynamic design, typical of the era's aesthetic, with bold colors and an eye-catching layout. The main article highlighted on the cover delves into the world of classic video games, exploring titles that were popular at the time and providing insights into the early days of what would become a massive industry.

Magazine Features

Editorial Feature

The latest news in video games is the number of discs that make up each package. Titles like Wrath of the Demon, Time Warp, Space Ace, The Monkey Island, Elvira or even the fabulous King Quest V, are the new programs loaded with graphics, sound, text and animation files that will take up precious space on your hard drive.

Why so many discs? The latest games need good graphics (digitized), good sound (also digitized) and also, many screens and animations. All of this takes up a lot of memory and this is what causes the latest releases to be stored on a large number of disks.

The solution for the moment is in hard disk drives, although the first video games on CD-ROM for personal computers are already being prepared, and even distributed abroad. It is clear that when this system prevails over the others and dominates the market, the number of discs for each video game will be reduced to one, or two, right?


The advertisements in MegaOcio Issue 24 are a study in vintage marketing. They feature products and services that were in vogue, from tech gadgets to fashion, providing a fascinating look at consumer culture during that period. These ads also serve as a reminder of how much technology and design have evolved over the years.

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