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Valve's Half-Life 2 Promotional Video (2004)

Updated 18 October 2019


This is the stunning promotional video that was released to promote the original Half-Life 2 game released in 2004. At the time, the concept was fresh and the immersive story telling broke new ground. It also helped that Half-Life 2 utilized the latest generation of 3D graphics cards. You will watch it and you will enjoy it.

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It is difficult to understate the impact that Valve's Half Life 2 had on the gaming industry. Not only was the game immensely successful in its own right but it launched Steam, launched Source, and continued on with the ever powerful Half-Life franchise. We are still waiting for the fabled Half-Life 3 to ever eventuate. It was also a risky enterprise when it launched. I remember having a reasonably modern desktop computer at that time and still needing to go out and buy an updated graphics card to handle Half-Life 2 at a playable framerate. This sets the stage for how futuristic, and yet in many ways retro, the graphics and video capability were.

Imagine yourself sitting in a large auditorium with 300 other avid gamers waiting for the first hint of the next instalment Half-Life to be played. Turn down the lights; Turn up the volume on your headphones. This is going to be epic.

This is a pre-release trailer of Valve's Half-Life 2 video.

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