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Killer Instinct OST - Killer Cuts [1995]

Updated 18 February 2023

Game Soundtrack from the old Nintendo 64 game Killer Instinct - we don't have much information on the origin of this soundtrack. Given that it is a Nintendo release from the mid-nineties, 1995, we expect that this track is a CD-AUDIO disc that plays over the game music. The game soundtrack songs are fun and of studio quality. I'm are very happy to have located our own physical copy of this disc.

Nintendo Killer Instinct Soundtrack AUIDO-CD packaging

I'm very happy to say that I've finally located a physical copy of this rare release of the Killer Cuts. Initially I thought that the music was distributed as an AUDIO-CD to play over the game as a sort of high-quality soundtrack. A closer look at the packaging now indicates that this release was probably supplied with a premium version of the game. Unfortunately, our copy has the sword drawn over with a gold pen that was all the rage in the 90s. I'm not disappointed though as it adds retro-character.

Killer Instinct game franchise

I've always been fascinated by the classic fighting game series, Killer Instinct franchise. Developed by Rare and published by various studios. The Killer Instinct franchise has been around since 1994 and has garnered a large following for its unique fighting mechanics, memorable characters, and intense battles. Over the years, there have been several iterations of the game. The last installment is the reboot of Killer Instinct on Steam in September, 2017. The reviews on Steam rate this game as very positive. Despite its age, the Killer Instinct franchise continues to have a loyal fan base and remains a beloved title in the fighting genre.

Killer Cuts

It's been a joy to listen to this soundtrack and reminisce about the good old days of gaming. In fact, I was ecstatic to find my own physical copy of the disc, adding it to my collection of retro gaming memorabilia. It's amazing to think that this soundtrack is over two decades old, yet the music still sounds as fresh and exciting as it did back then. For any fans of the Killer Instinct franchise or classic gaming in general, this soundtrack is definitely worth a listen.

Nintendo Killer Cuts Soundtrack 1994 cover front
Cover (front)
Nintendo Killer Cuts Soundtrack 1994 cover front
Cover (rear)

Nintendo - Killer Cuts

Killer Cuts Game Soundtrack cover

Track Listing

  1. K. I. Feeling
  2. The Way U Move
  3. Controlling Transmission
  4. Oh Yeah
  5. It's A Jungle
  6. Do It Now!
  7. Full-Bore
  8. The Instinct
  9. Yo Check This Out!
  10. Freeze
  11. Trailblazer
  12. Tooth & Claw
  13. Ya Ha Haa
  14. Rumble
  15. The Extreme
  16. [Hidden] Groovy Humiliation

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Retrgaming Soundtracks

People love retrogaming soundtracks for a variety of reasons. For some, it's the nostalgia factor, as these soundtracks bring back fond memories of childhood and the games they played in their youth. Others appreciate the unique sound and composition of older game soundtracks, which often had to rely on limited hardware to create music that was both memorable and catchy. Many retrogaming soundtracks also have a distinct style and personality that sets them apart from more modern game music, and they often become iconic and beloved by fans. Additionally, the simplicity and straightforwardness of older game music can be refreshing and enjoyable to listen to in contrast to more complex and layered modern game soundtracks. Overall, retrogaming soundtracks have a special place in the hearts of many gamers, and they continue to be appreciated and enjoyed today.

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