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Commodore Free Magazine Issue 96

Published 7 Oct 2017


Commodore Free is a long running dedicated Commodore magazine covering the more common Commodore computers, such as the VIC20 and C64. This issue promises to be a big one with an article covering the SEUCK Reduc Project, C64 code hacking and SuperBoot for SuperCPU. This article gives our unofficial editorial coverage of the magazine and is related to the Commodore Free.

Review of Commodore Free 96

We can never get enough of retro-magazines over here in our office towers. Like previous issues of Commodore Free, this edition continues to serve up a great selection of adverts, links and articles. This particular edition has been around for a while now, however the content hasn't aged a bit.

pages from Commodore Free Magazine Issue 96
Figure   Sample screenshot of Commodore Free 96

Table of Contents

  1. Happy Programming
  2. Interview of C64 Brain
  3. SMILA Interview
  4. Interview with Slartibardfast
  5. C64 Code Hacking
  6. Interview with Martin Piper
  7. SEUCK Reduc Project
  8. SuperBoot for SuperCPU

One the floppy drive

We love a good magazine disk that comes with magazines. It is every so 1990s. We all loved buying those double features and looking onto the disk for any hidden features. Our Commodore Free magazine disk 1 has the complete text contents of the magazine readable on the screen. The menu system is top-shelf and we take our hats off to the menu maker. We really appreciate the irony of C64 disks covering the latest in Amiga news.

Commodore Free 96 Disk 1 homepage
Figure   Disk 1 home screen

A Commodore C64 magazine disk is just not worthy if it if doesn't come with SID music tracks. The songs on here are pretty basic but there is a selection and they do take you back to a time when music from a microcomputer was a novelty. our pick of the bunch is Track 4, Bye.

SID Music selection
Figure   Disk 1 SID music selection

download here
download here


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