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Review Audio Capabilities of Atari's Star Wars Coin-op game

Published 19 January 2019

The speech synthesis and audio soundtrack of Atari's 1983 smash hit coin-op game Star Wars has not really been discussed nor addressed by other forums. Sound improves the game play and, more importantly for Coin-Op machines, a key player attract feature. This article highlights some of the special scematics and Hi-Fi processors of this wonderful machine.

Atari Star Wars Coin-Op Audio Review

Atari Star Wars Coin-Op Attract picture

Star Wars is a spectacular video spectacle! Star Wars is a single-player game whish uses a color X-Y video display. As the player, you'll pilot the Red 5 X-Wing space fighter to victory over the Empire's evil forces.

1983 Star Wars Coin-Op features

Voice-enhanced game play - the voices you will recognise belong to the actual characters of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Ben Kenobi, Hans Solo, and R2D2. They intensify the excitement of swift and dynamic gameplay.

Flight Control - for the 1983 Star Wars cabinet is a new Atari design. It allows a player to use real flying techniques on a voyage that is out of this world.

Medium-speed, medium-resolution CRT - this new X-Y CRT produces exceptionally clear graphics to intensify the gameplay

The Star Wars Coin-Op game has five possible modes of operation;

Atari Star Wars Darth Vader TIE fighter

Features of the Star Wars Coin-Op Attract Mode

The Star Wars Coin-Op Attract Mode begins when game is turned on at the mains; or when the Play, High-Score, or Self-Test modes end. The Attract Mode ends either when a credit is entered and the game goes into Select-a-Death Star mode, or when the self-test switch is turned on.

The first screen displayed in the Star Wars Coin-Op Attract Mode is the Banner Screem The Staw Wars logo appears with a background of moving star and then flies away to infinity. As it vanishes, the introductory story lines moves into position from the bottom of the screen. The text pauses for about 20 seconds and then, one line at a time, quickly receds into the distance.

Star Wars Coin-Op Enhanced Sound Effects and Speech Synthesis

The Star Wars Coin-Op game play is enhanced by 13 special sound effects and by actual character voices communicating with the play.

Atari 1983 Star Wars Darth Coin-Op cabinet

Star Wars Coin-Op Audio Capability

The Atari Star Wars Coin-Op 1983 smash hit had strong sound and speech synthesis capability. Audio capability is backed by stereo (2 channel) 20 Watt power amplifiers based on the TDA2020 operational amplifier.

The acoustic transducers are two powerful 6x9 inch oval, 4Ω, 6-Ounce, Shielded high fidelity wide-range woofers. These twin woofers were installed in the overhead attract panel in a horizontal configuration. Atari part number is listed as 148001-013 speaker.

20W Hi-fi Audio Amplifier

The TDA2020 is a monolithic integrated operational amplifier in an integrated package. The TDA2020 is intended for use as a low-frequency Class B power amplifier. Typical power amplifier rating is 20 Watts output power for the installed 4Ω audio transducers. The TDA2020 incorporates short circuit protection, comprising an arrangement for automatically limiting the dissipated power so as to keep to working point of the output transistors within their safe operating area, as well as conventional thermal shutdown system.

Atari Star Wars Darth Vader TIE fighter


Trademark Usage and Disclaimer

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