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Fred Fish disk 575

This is disk 575 of the freely distributable AMIGA software library. Below is a listing of the significant directories and their contents.

Commodore Amiga Fred Fish Disk 575 contents
Photo by Nina Hill on Unsplash

Commodore Amiga Public Domain Software


AmigaToNTSC patches graphics.library so it will think you have an NTSC Amiga. AmigaToPAL will patch it to think you have a PAL Amiga. Custom screens will open in the mode selected. Version 1.0, binary only.

Author: Nico Francois

Amiga DataPlot

A program that plots data and algebraic functions in 2D. The user simply clicks on an option screen to select various options, such as type of marker, log or linear axis, auto vs manual scaling, gridlines. The macro language makes similar, repetitiveplots easy to do. Data points can be transformed by an algebraic function prior to plotting. A macro can be automatically executed upon startup-up. Plots in any resolu- tion from 320x200 to 640x400. Plots can be saved as macro commands and IFF ILBMfiles. Prints directly to Epson compa- tible printers, or to any Preferences supported graphics printer via the PLT: device. This is version 2.16, which now includes a Legend command, and is now freeware. Fixes several bugs, including the optimizer forDrawFunction. Update to version 2.1 on disk 532.

Author: J. Dale Holt


A shared library to make life easy for people who wish to write programs that support PowerPacker. Loading crunched files from C or assembly is made fast, short and easy. This is version 35.256, an update to version 35.255 on disk 561. Includes source. Version 1.14, includes source.

Author: Nico Francois

Amiga Programming ReqTools

A standard Amiga shared runtime library which makes it a lot quicker and easier to build standard requesters into your programs. Designed with CBM's style guidelines in mind, so that the resulting requesters have the look and feel of AmigaDOS 2.0. Version 1.0b, an update to version 1.0a on disk 561. Includes source.

Author: Nico Francois

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