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Fred Fish disk 451

This is Fredh Fish disk 451. This disk contains utilities for using your Commodore Amiga. There are two interesting applications, Liner and SnoopDOS. Liner lets you create text outlines that you can then export to other programs for further development. SnoopDos is one for the more adventurous users looking to learn about applications and reverse-engineering AmigaDos calls. A later of SnoopDos was released on Disk 725.

Commodore Amiga Fred Fish Disk 451 contents
Photo by Airam Dato-onl on Pexels

Commodore Amiga Public Domain Software


A shareware outliner whose function is to create outlines for notes or export to other programs. 'Liner can save an outline as ASCII text and is clipboard compatible. This version utilizes a number of AmigaOS 2.0 features and thus requires 2.0. Support for the new ECS Denise display modes is also included. Version 2.11, an upgrade to version 2.00 on disk 394. Includes source in C.

Author: Dave Schreiber

Convert - Amiga Image Converter

Converts 39 different image formats into CBM standard 24 bit IFF files for display on devices such as Black Belt Systems HAM-E product. Version 1.6, binary only.

Author: Pete Patterson, Ben Williams

ProDrivers - IBM 4201, IBM 4202 Printer Drivers

AmigaDOS 1.3 printer drivers for the IBM 4201 and 4202 series of printers. Version 1.0, binary only.

Author: David White

RCS - Version Control System

The Revision Control System (RCS) manages multiple revisions of text files. RCS automates the storing, retrieval, logging, identification, and merging of revisions. RCS is useful for text that is revised frequently, for example programs, documentation, graphics, papers, form letters, etc. This is an update to RCS version 1.2 on disks 281 and 282, and includes only the files that have changed.

Author: Walter Tichy, Amiga port by Raymond Brand, Rick Schaeffer


Another recoverable ram disk. This one supports up to 32 units and can be autobooted. Unused sectors are deleted from memory. The ram disk can be formatted, copied to, or used just like a normal disk drive. Binary only.

Author: Bob Dayley


A utility for monitoring AmigaDOS calls. In particular, it allows you to see what libraries, devices, fonts, environment variables or startup files a program is looking for. Very useful when you're trying to install a new application. Version 1.2, an update to version 1.0 on disk 388. Includes source in C.

Author: Eddy Carroll

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