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System Specification for C65

Pilot Production

March 1, 1991

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Commodore C65 System Specification

The Commodore C65 is designed to be an entry-level microcomputer designed for the home or student market. The market in the 1990s may still have capacity for an 8-bit microcomputer priced below the 16/32-bit WinTel personal computer range. The Commodore C65 can also support and built on the existing market of microcomputer games and applications already developed in the 1980s, since the introduction of the PET, VIC-20 and C64 microcomputers.

This document is a System Specification that gives a structured description of the Commodore C65 microcomputer in high-level technical terms. This document is considered to be at a preliminary stage to descrive the system for Pilot Production. The enthusiast/maker will need to make changes to the concept design and specifications in order to create a working prototype.

The information given in this specification is provided as a review of historical information. The information provided in this specification is not accurate, can to be used as a reference. Do not rely on this information in this specification.

Table of Contents



1. Introduction
     1.1 System Concept
     1.2 System Overview
     1.3 System Components
     1.4 System Concerns
     1.5 System Maps