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System Specification for C65

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March 1, 1991

1.5 Commodore C65 System Maps

This section describes the system block diagrams that compose of the overall Commodore C65 system. These block diagrams descibe the principal parts, represented by blocks in the respective diagrams. These diagrams are intended to clarify overall concepts without describing the physical implementation of the pilot project. The system maps described here detail the following elements;

1.5.1 Composite System Memory Map

The Commodore C65 composite system memory map describes the memory block addresses used for the various system modes, including memory maps for Commodore C64 cartridges, Commodore C64 mode, the main Commodore C65 mode, and RAM-LO and RAM-Hi addresses. The map looks at the complete 64kB address space directly addressable by the system CPU, from address HEX $0000 (byte zero) to HEX $FFFF (65,535 bytes). As can see seen by the composite system memore map, the system has increased in complexity from the original VIC-20, and Commodore C64 memory model.

Commodore C65 Composite System Memory Map

The common characteristic on all of these memory models is the Commodore Kernal is mapped from HEX $E000 (57,344 bytes) to HEX $FFFF (65,535 bytes). The Kernal started development with the original PET in 1977 and consists of low-level, opertating system routines. The Commodore Kernal is roughly equivelent to the BIOS on everyday WinTel personal computers.


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