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System Specification for C65

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March 1, 1991


Commodore C65 Specification - Foward

This system specification describes the prototype Commodore C65 system that was being prepared for production in 1991. The Commodore C65 never made it to market, however, prototype systems occasionally come up for sale on auction sites. There are also enthusiast maker projects developing compatible systems to relive what may have been.

Specification version control

Revision 0.2 (pilot release)
January 31, 1991

At this time, Pilot Production, the Commodore C65 system consists of either revision 2A or 2B PCB, 4510R3, 4567R5 (PAL only) , FOllB/C FDC, and 018 DMAgic chips. There will be changes to all these chips before Production Release.

Contributors to this specification

This work is by:

Fred Bowen - System Software - C65

Paul Lassa - Hardware Engineer - C65, DMAgic

Bill Gardei - LSI engineer - 4567, FDC

Victor Andrade - LSI engineer - 4510

Included are contributions by contractors hired by Commodore for the C65 project. These contributions include the DOS, Graphics, Audio, and Memory management areas.

C65 Development Baseline

Several 4502 assembler systems are available:

VAX, Amiga, and PC based BSO-compatible cross assemblers.

PC based custom cross assembler by Memocom, compatible with Memocom 4502 emulator and Mem-ulator systems.

C128-based BSO compatible cross assembler by Commodore.

Custom software support is available for the following logic analyzers

Hewlett Packard HP655x A and B logic analyzers.


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