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System Specification for C65

Fred Bowen

March 1, 1991


Revision 0.2 (pilot release)
January 31, 1991

At this time, Pilot Production, the C65 system -consists of either revision 2A or 2B PCB, 4510R3, 4567R5 (PAL only) , FOllB/C FDC, and 018 DMAgic chips. There will be changes to all these chips before Production Release.

This work is by:

Fred Bowen - System Software - C65

Paul Lassa - Hardware Engineer - C65, DMAgic

Bill Gardei - LSI engineer - 4567, FDC

Victor Andrade - LSI engineer - 4510

Included are contributions by contractors hired by Commodore for the C65 project. These contributions include the DOS, Graphics, Audio, and Memory management areas.

Several 4502 assembler systems are available:

VAX, Amiga, and PC based BSO-compatible cross assemblers.

PC based custom cross assembler by Memocom, compatible with Memocom 4502 emulator and Mem-ulator systems.

C128-based BSO compatible cross assembler by Commodore.

Custom software support is available for the following logic analyzers

Hewlett Packard HP655x A and B logic analyzers.


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