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Sega Zaxxon Arcade Game

Published 12 May 2018


The Sega Zaxxon arcade game is a unique isometric 3D shoot-em-up arcade game that was released as both a standing cabinet and cocktail table in 1982. This article looks at the marketing brochure and a few videos on how the game actually plays. This arcade game was ported to the whole range of 8-bit microcomputers at that time. At the time of its release, Zaxxon was unique as it was the first game to employ axonometric projection, which lent its name to the game (AXXON from AXONometric projection).

Television Commercial

Wikipedia claims that Zaxxon was the first arcade game to be advertised on television. We can't verify this claim, but you can watch a Zaxxon advertisement for yourself. This particular version looks more like an industry marketing campaign than a consumer orientated advert.

Arcade Sales Flyer

Arcade Gameplay

Zaxxon Arcade Owner's Manual

Sega Zaxxon Arcade Owner's Manual


  1. Important Notes
  2. Game Concept
  3. Options Selection
  4. Joystick Maintenance Instructions
  5. Functional Game Block Diagram
  6. Circuit Description
  7. Self-Test
  8. Trouble Shooting Diagram
  9. Index to ICs
  10. Parts Catalog
  11. Schematics

download here
download here

Zaxxon on the Internet

Wikipedia Article on the Zaxxon franchise

Zaxxon article

International Arcade Museum entry on Zaxxon arcade game

International Arcade Museum™

Internet Arcade browser emulation of Zaxxon

Internet Arcade
browser emulation (external)

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